Bits and Pieces...

A variation of this post went up over at Love is in the Details last weekend, so please forgive the repeat!

So, y'know how we all collect (amass) scrapbook supplies, especially all those cute embellishments??  Oh, don't tell me you don't....I know better!

And sometimes you look at all that stuff and think, NOW WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THESE BITS???  Well, pile 'em up!  If one is good, 5 is better kind of thing!  This is definitely one of those times when the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts!!  Or something like that.

I pulled out a bunch of punches.  And was very glad they'd all survived the various purges I done in my scrap room.  And then I pulled out a bunch of stickers, and die cuts and labels and buttons and ribbon and paper and corrugated cardboard and printed transparencies and vellum and cork and woodgrain MacTac and well...just went to town!!

After I'd punched a whole whack of different shapes from various different materials, I just started piling things on.  You get into kind of a rhythm. One thing I did a lot of, was sewing through the whole stack of layers.  Now, what I have is a collection of cute bits that are more than they were originally and make for a quick and easy embellishment cluster.

So anyway, that was just too much fun and I couldn't stop there.  Now I had to go a bit bigger!  So I pulled out journaling cards and tags.  Bigger canvases to pile the bits on!  Here's a few of my favorites!  

And then I just had to get a little silly.  I've had some paint chips hanging around for a long time.  Just because they were pretty.  Or could be if I did something with them.  And that justification enough to hang onto stuff, right?  So I punched some circles out of those paint chips and piled on the cute bits.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, when I show you some of the projects I made using these embellie clusters!  Thanks for stopping by today!!


  1. Oh, this is just such a good idea! I am certainly going to follow up on this so thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

  2. OH my goodness oh my goodness, how fun!!! SO inspiring, these are just so wonderful!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!!!

  3. Oh that's so great! I must try that :)

  4. Lover lover blog!! A plaiser to discover! Very inspiring!

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  6. Great embellishments and clever use of scraps!


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