Welcome Home....

It easy to have some perspective on these days now that they are history...but what remains after time has washed away a lot of the highs and lows of raising a family and living the day to day, is the little leap I'd get in my chest when the school bus pulled up at the end of the afternoon and my four would climb off and trundle up the driveway.  

I really didn't have enough ears to hear all they had to say, but eventually the tales got told, the snacks got devoured and the battle over whether to start homework before or after some Game Cube time began.  

No matter how the morning had gone or what may have happened during the day, it was always nice to think of home being a refuge they were coming back to.

It was wonderful to go back to those days and remember those feeling while I put this page together for Challenge Me Happy.

Be sure to stop by there and check out everyone else's take on the current challenge to use "white space".


  1. Lovely post which made me think back too. Your layout is beautiful - I like the little touches of red and yellow(?) on the blue. Elizabeth xx

  2. Your post gave me goosebumps, I must admit!! Wonderful writing :) I love all the beautiful little details in your page, just gorgeous!


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