Clipboards. The latest in crafty/vintage home decor.

At least, that's what I've decided.  

So, I've been collecting these wooden vintage clipboards for the last half a year, or more.  They are scarcer than you'd think.  And go for more on eBay than seems reasonable.  However, I've lucked out a couple of times and have plans to create a whole Wall of Fame for our various fore-fathers and mothers.  Sounds pretty grand, doesn't it?  Mostly I just want a way to display pieces of vintage goodness in a more meaningful way.

This is the first one I've done and I'm so pleased with it, I can't wait to create the others!!  This one is of my Dad, and includes several items that symbolize his life and loves, from wads of keys to an amp meter and a stick of engine lubricant.  All that is laid over miscellaneous vintage ephemera I've collected along the way.

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  1. Awesome Miss Norine. Simply awesome!

  2. Awesome! Love that clipboard and all the memerois you have put on it, great picture of your father!
    Have a vonderful day :o)


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