Crafting and such....

Crafts of any and every kind draw me.  Have, since I was little little.  Add in the Pinterest source for seeing what's out there in the DIY line, and I have more "ideas" (pins) and collected supplies than I will ever use up in two lifetimes.  But.  There's always the possibility that modern medicine will figure out how to add an extra 10 hours to every single day!!  Then I'd have a chance.

However, I haven't only been pinning and shopping...I have actually made a couple of things.  Some of them required learning to knit and crochet....because yes, embarrassingly I've reached middle age without really knowing how to do either...!

This bubble bag was where it all began, 3 years ago.  When I saw the pattern for sale on Etsy and realized I couldn't actually buy the bag, but I'd have to make it myself!?!?!  Well, only thing for it was to learn to crochet!!

This was a knitted pattern...went together quickly and felted down SO cute!!

There's more.  But I won't flood you with all the projects today.  Check back weekly for what else has been created!!


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