Happily ever after....

I'll be quite honest and tell you that Pinterest is my best friend these days.  Especially during the planning of the recent bridal shower...SO MANY wonderful ideas posted there!!!  And this one was too!  

I made this canvas as both a prop for the shower (on the gift table) and a gift for bride and groom.  They have a very clean, graphic style to everything they wear, do, and love, that I knew this would suit them perfectly.  

Besides that, it's a very pleasing way to USE UP some alphabet stickers!!

The process is easy.  It helped that the stickers were mostly all so old, that their stick had long ago dried up, and I was able to move them around the canvas with ease.  Once I was happy with their placement, I glued them down with a stronger adhesive.

Finally, I gave the whole thing a few quick coats of white spray paint and it was really that easy!  I can see making more of these.  

Heading off to Pinterest to find some good quotes...!


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