Holiday Greens....or Whites and Silvers...

Hi, hello!

Recently I posted this project over on Love is in the Details and wanted to share it here as well!  I EVEN! made a video.  Not, probably, the most polished video you've ever seen, but it's a beginning and if I don't jump in with as much as I know now,  I can't build upon that, can I.  I think there's a Pinterest motivational poster somewhere in there.

So anyway, this framed silver and white glitter wreath!  Lori, at LiitD, challenged me awhile back, to create something in the way of home decor.  I gotta say, the ideas were not pouring in.  But one day, looking through my leaf dies for something else, I saw these ones from Sizzix/Tim Holtz and thought of creating a holiday wreath with them!  

And I could explain lots more, but hey!  There's a video!  With more detail than you even wanted probably!  Go watch it and tell me you don't have this weird urge to make yourself a silver and white framed holiday wreath!

Thanks for stopping by today and have a wonderful day!


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