Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eating my words....

Fortunately they've been mostly palatable words. Not too many words thrown down for other words to eat.

I never EVER intended to start a blog.

Believe me, I know how little I have to say that's actually important enough to imortalize in the web-osphere. And while there are a bunch of blogs I love to read, it does feel a bit creepy to know as much as I do about people.....

I've never even met!!

On the other hand I feel a distinct kinship with several people who.....

I've never even met!!!

Thanks to blogging....

That said, blogging is a bandwagon that has finally pulled up to this curb and it's either get on or get run over! Do you know there are 187 new blogs started every minute!?!? But I'm making the vow here and now, that this blog will contain as little as possible of





Because that's just.

Lots of sentences without personal pronouns is what's proposed. And...hopefully, never TMI. And....lots of photos of cute/yummy/interesting things. Good books to read. Good food to eat. Cool people. Stuff like that. Y'know?