Sunday, January 23, 2011

Video Shenanigans and Scrappy Stuff.....

That's what you come here for, right? Shenanigans and scrappy stuff??

This is the video my son made from our family snowboarding trip to Whitefish Montana earlier this month. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: No one was actually hurt in the making of this film. Neither from biting the mountain at any point, nor from taking a snowball to the helmet!
And now the scrappy stuff. First a card using a Sassy Li'l Sketches sketch and a challenge from Love is in the Details to make a birthday card with a number and a heart on it.

And then this layout for a couple of different challenges. A layering challenge at Love is in the Details, the Studio Calico challenge to use fabric on a layout (the clouds and bird),and finally, Back Porch Memory's challenge to turn a single page sketch into a double. Something I love to do just to fit more photos on a layout, cuz I'll be straight up and say it. I have no governor on my camera. If 5 pics tell the story, think what an epic tale 50 pics will tell!! However, this time I didn't include a whack of photos, just used the 2 pages to have a bigger canvas to play with! Hands down, the best money we ever spent on kids toys was for thrift store dress up clothes. We got YEARS of playtime from them!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kicking it old school!

So, I don't know if any of you, my gentle readers, are old enough to actually remember this stuff, but my Dad used to plaster it on anything that didn't move. He thought it gave everything a touch of class or something!

And since nothing is new under the sun, and what goes round comes around, and what goes up must come down, and a stitch in time saves's time to renew the possibilities of MACTAC! (That's what it was called back in the day, but what I found at Home Depot was called ConTact.)

For you youngsters who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's basically shelf paper. You peel a sticky backing off and it sticks to most anything. And then you can peel it off and restick it again. It's kind of magic like that.

The first thing I started doing with it was cutting stuff with my Cricut. Shapes and shapes and then some more shapes. And using them on scrapbook pages. Remember these?

And more recently, this one....?I used some shapes on a couple of cards.....Then I covered a composition notebook....I think this is going to make a fab gift to my sister-in-law who gardens. She can use it to keep track of how many barrow-fulls of sheep manure she used on the rutabagas this year. Riveting stuff like that.And then I began to cast my eye around (in much the same way my dad must have done) to see what else I could stick this stuff on...

At first I thought...mmmm, covering a kleenex box with woodgrain shelf paper....that might be veering a little too close to the edge of hokey....

but y'know what??? I kinda think it works!?!?

And then I thought, for the purposes of being totally tongue in cheek, and so y'alls don't think all my taste is in my mouth....I looked for something completely silly to cover in MacTac.

I thought, how funny would it be to cover a cat in woodgrain shelf paper!!! Lucky for catkind, I don't have one.

But then I thought, how about silverware!!!

But DANG! if that didn't turn out cute also!? So I dunno, I think I've come to the same conclusion my dad did. Pretty much ANYthing can be improved with MacTac!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Young Love....

They say for every boy and girl
there's just one love in this whole world....

and it seems like they've found theirs!
This is the sketch up at Sketchy Thursdays for the Feb DT selection

And here's what I did with it....

More of those photos from this summer at the lake. The challenge beyond the sketch was also to use a heart, the colors red and/or pink, and include some journaling.

Turns out, the title makes it perfect for the song title challenge at Back Porch Memories too!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's Strip!

K, not like you're thinking!! C'mon!

It's the name of the new workout challenge up today at ScrapFIT! Specifically to use at least 4 strips of different papers by at least 2 different manufacturers! Which suits me fine, since one of my vague, crudely defined resolutions for the New Year is to use up some stash on every layout.

(Vague, crudely defined resolutions don't feel quite so bad when they don't last. Another one is to read this stack of books in the next year.Which I think is do-able. The vague, crudely defined part of that is to not buy any more until these are read. I think that might be harder to promise.)

Stash is also vaguely, crudely defined as product in my possession for a year or more...! So you can see that the box of paper scraps got a workOUT with this challenge. As well, we needed to use a strip of something else, embellishments, whatnot. Thus the row of ribbon bits. And I finally got to use my Calico White Mr Huey! Fun stuff, that! I covered the whole background paper with strips and then misted around the shaped paper mask. Add the stitching and called it good!
Now you need to do this challenge and link it up back at the original ScrapFIT post for a chance to win some Valentine swag from ScrapFIT itself!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I know!

I'd never heard of them before this summer either. My son worked for a graphic design studio in Winnipeg this summer and near the office where he played around on his computer worked, was a new bakery called Cake-ology. Where they sold Cake Balls. Or Cakettes as they call them. Bakerella calls them cakeballs. And since then I've heard about nothing but cakeballs.

Still, what I heard didn't make me feel like my life would come to a grinding halt if I didn't get one NOW!

Recently I tasted one. And choirs of angels sang to me. And then I understood.

And I came home and began to make cakeballs. And eat cakeballs. There is never a moment when a cakeball is not a good option.

There was some trial and error. Thankfully Mr B is the one with the mixing muscles. But really, they're very simple. Make a cake. Crumble the cake and mix it with whatever kind of icing would go best with the flavor of cake. Roll into balls and freeze. Dip in melted chocolate, adorn the tops and chill. I like to chill with an assortment of flavors. On my patio. In the sun. With a cup of coffee and a trashy novel. Cakeballs elevate trashy novels to classical literature.

Double boilers really are the best way to melt chocolate for coating cakeballs. (This is SERIOUS business.)

Sometimes their imperfections are exactly part of their charm. These ones are were Eggnog.

Lemon with sugar crystals.

German Chocolate with toffee chunks.

We've also made Carrot Spice cakeballs and Chocolate covered strawberry cakeballs. Peppermint chip, peanut butter this-here, and Coconut something or other can't be far behind! So when I picked up my daughter from the airport recently, she had a new iphone ap to show me. It turns your voice into a cartoon voice. This is me telling her what we had scheduled for immediate fun.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We hold the Future in our hands...

The January challenge is up at Crop Suey today and we used this vintage ad as our jumping off point.I thought about it and thought about it, had a glass of DDP (diet dr pepper) (always good for focusing your mind when you need to get creative) and thought about it some more and then slapped my forehead at how obvious it was!

The slogan!

And so I went looking for the particular photo album, circa 1992, that I knew would contain these photos and sure enough! There we were! In all our fresh-out-of-our-teens glory!! We were so young! Well, heck. We still are! And look at those sweet SWEET little faces!!!

Nobody needed bail money back then.


You should know that by now.

And those cute little journal tags? Pretty Little Studio sent us some stuff to play with awhile back. Ohmygoodnesssuchcutestuff!!!! Check 'em out!

So yeah, you should try this challenge on! Show us what you come up with and post a link in the comments here and you could win yourself some of this from our January sponsor Cosmo Cricket:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Little girls,

like butterflies, need no excuse. I found this quote recently when I was purging my scraproom. Shelves full of old stuff that hadn't been touched since the room was set up over 2 years ago....out! Gone!

But in the process, it was fun to come across stuff that I meant to use or be inspired by.

Back in the day.

Anyway, this one was still quite relevant and went perfectly with the new challenge up at ScrapFit!! Jan 1!

(Are you in with the rest of us, in looking at both the bathroom scale and the credit card statement in horror? Well sorry, we at ScrapFit can't do much to help with the numbers on the scale...but we can help your bottom line.)

Lol, bottom line. Like on your statements, not in your Calvin Kleins.

The challenge for the first part of this month is to embrace your frugal side. Use scraps. Start with cardstock and go from there. Scrap paper, bits of this and that, use up those old alpha sheets. Make embellies from your scraps. C'mon DAZZLE us!!
I pulled out the scrap paper box and started cutting. Folding papers in half and just free-forming these butterflies!! Then I outlined them with a pale grey brush pen and then a fine line marker, and finished by stitching them in place.
Used up a bunch of alpha stickers while I was at it, and Bob's your Uncle!

When you do this challenge, don't forget to link it up back at the ScrapFit blog to win some lovely prize from our January sponsor BlueMoon Scrapbooking!!