Thursday, December 23, 2010

You should know this about me...

Apparently I am a fairly dangerous person! I was found out at the airport a week ago, on my return trip from Canada! Not the best place to let your secret life get exposed!!

What happened was this...

I DID think about smuggling three of these adorable miniature Mandarin oranges home in my bag to show the kids!

See kids?! Teeny tiny audio apparati isn't the only thing science excels at!!

But then I chickened out and decided to eat them myself before having my bags searched and getting caught!!

So y'know that funny glossy-ish coating you sometimes see on oranges?

If you don't wash your hands after eating them and then you go through security and they decide to swab your hands, don't be surprised when it registers as EXPLOSIVES!!!

Uh huh!

At least that's how I explained it.

And after a thorough search of my personal belongings they decided to buy it.


And now a couple of recent layouts.

Both using kraft cardstock! This one was for a Studio Calico challenge to use a whole sheet of stickers as well as, for a Love is in the Details challenge to use a bunch of old stash.

Which I did. Brads, book plates (reMEMber those things?!) and rub-on alphas!

And this one was the result of an idea I had to layer some alphas down, rub on a WHOLE bunch of misc. rub-on words over top and then remove the stickers for a not-so-easy-as-it-sounds masking effect.

You can actually do the same thing in Microsoft word but this seemed funner somehow.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm hungry!

And misery loves company so I'ma make you hungry too!
Pretty sure one of the main reasons I love to travel is the food. The eating of it, the photographing of it, the trying of new foods.
Not always a success, but more often than not. So that's good.
We stayed in a lovely little B&B in Belgium where the Mr served us breakfast while the Mrs slept.
And made no apologies for it either!!!
Why can't I be like that???
The language barrier was umm....well, interesting. But after the first morning's confusion between that kind of butter that we North Americans use to make our PBJ sammiches, with a part of the male anatomy.......nothing could faze us anymore!
I thought this was kinda cool! I was on dessert duty at one of the places we visited but the challenge was not in making a dessert in a foreign country as much as it was to decipher the labels in French or Dutch in the grocery store. So I was a couple minutes finding the Eagle Brand Condensed Milk!
Doesn't look like it, but that's exactly what this was!
I love how they market it as a sport energy source!
And package it in a toothpaste container.And of course there were the bakeries. Ohhh the bakeries.
The baguettes, the croissants, the pain chocolat!!!
The fact that while we were in France and Belgium we were NEVER further than a 5 min walk from one! EVER.
Ok, well hardly ever.And then there was this....this....Toblerone-obscenity of calories!! But after tramping the market for 8 solid hours shopping for boots, I think the calorie scale was balanced!
And we shared it, Mr B and I did.
While seated on the Rodeo Drive of Germany, watching the immaculately dressed and coiffed passers-by.

Love how the tables and chairs are set up to be so discreet!

Totally the street to see and be seen! This was a new one on us! Raclette! Named for the type of cheese used.

It's a toss up, whether it was Swiss or French shepherds who originally began the tradition of melting a block of cheese and letting it run over their potatoes and calling it supper!

Whatever. Combined with mushrooms, proscuitto, baguette (torn, not cut) and a fresh salad, it could quickly become our new fondue. Same slow, social type of meal!

So, you place your own personal little mushroom-cooker and cheese-melter underneath the grill and let the magic happen.

(I bet those shepherds back in 1200AD would have loved these little teflon cheese pots.)

5 mins later you drip it over your potato and if you're sitting on a bar stool, you can swing your feet with happiness and contentment!!

Mmmm, I liked this a latte! Sorry, lol, couldn't resist....
Even picnics at the side of the road, at a closed outdoor cafe, where construction is going on, in France, is better, the same thing at home.
Moules et Frites!! (Mussels and fries.) This was WAY on top of my list of must-try Belgian specialties and it did NOT disappoint!

I ordered mine with Rocquefort cheese on top and the steam from the mussels melts the cheese and it drips down into the broth and when you're done with the mussels, you can use a shell to spoon up the flavorful broth!

Oh my, how I'd like to be eating moules et frites right now!!

Oh, and yeah, this isn't *everybody's* finished shells....that's ONE serving!!This was the meal that tasted the best during the whole month we were traveling. Just because it came at, probably my hungriest point along the way.

It reminds me of art

and galleries

and delicate fantastical indoor fairy webs

and sore feet

and rain

and umbrellas

and wondrously tasty tastes.

Love the little sprinkle of pepper over on the side. So much classier than the little paper packets don't you think?

Lol, in North America, it's "I'm Lovin' it". In France "C'est tous que j'aime" (It's all I love) and in Germany, "Ich Leibe es." Schweinehaxe and saurkraut.

Sorry, no way to translate that. Just roasted chunk of pork on the joint.

Think Asterix and Obelix. And what would Belgium be without an honest-to-goodness Belgian waffle!

It could have been the worst waffle in history and it would have been perfect.

Because it was in Belgium!!

But don't worry, it was really good.

Did you know that you could eat a different cheese every day for a year in France and still have some you hadn't yet tried!?

I would like to do that.So, did it work? Are you hungry yet? What are you gonna make yourself to eat? Alls I have here is some cold pizza. sigh....

Sorry, something very wonky is going on with the spacing on this post and I'd better just quit worrying about it before I pull out the little bit of hair I have left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A sort-of tradition...

Our mid-month workout challenge is up at ScrapFit today and I think you'll like it!

WO#34 is about traditions, surprises or favorite family memories from this time of the year! And besides the pictures, you need to tell the story with journaling.

What is it about journaling??

For some people it's their least favorite part of the process; for others, that's where it all begins - with a story that needs telling.

I have a love/hate relationship with journaling.

Sometimes I love it.

Sometimes I hate it.

Oh wait. I think that's what love/hate means...

These pics came from the 1993 file drawer!

This was the most amazing of all the gingerbread houses we'd ever built! Two shades of cookie dough and everything!

We started, Mr B and I, when we were first married - no kids to even pretend that's who we were doing it for...

For a guy who "specializes" in building amazing woodland models constructed from any available materials to be found in a campground, and a girl whose motto in life is "anything worth doing is worth over-doing!" this particular gingerbread house was us just reaching our stride.

And woe betide any small children who wanted to "help".

Kidding! It was FOR the small children.


Except not really.

It was probably about this time when they discovered that pointy elbows make really lethal weapons and if possible, should be avoided.

No, I'm kidding!!!

Sort of.

But you'll be happy to know that we've grown up, Mr B and I have, and we've learned to share the fun of this family tradition beyond the actual eating.

With the kids who are majoring in engineering and design at least....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cards, cards

Made a couple of cards yesterday! This one uses a card sketch from My Sketch World and a color challenge to use kraft, cream, red and green from Love is in the Details. And then this vision of yumminess is a PageMaps card sketch and a color challenge from Color Combos Galore.
And before I go, I just want to let you know there is a DT call for next term - Feb to July - at ScrapFit. Submission date is Dec 30th. It's not hugely demanding and lots of fun so check it out!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


That's the subject for today's challenge at Crop Suey! Which leaves it pretty wide open for any way you want to interpret that! So wide, that I started a couple of other layouts for this challenge before finally settling down to this one!

Our big old weird fun irreplaceable family.

So now, you have until Dec 20 to do a layout with the word "family" on it, link it up back at this post at Crop Suey and maybe, just MAYbe win yourself this fa-fa-fa-fabulous prize from Pretty Little Studio! Check out what the rest of the DT did while you're there too!

And don't forget about the Slinky workOut going on at ScrapFit!

Friday, December 3, 2010

How to:

Anybody who's ever roasted a marshmallow knows there's a right way to do it and wrong ways. And if you don't do it like you should, then your way is wrong.

Am I right?

I thought so.

Coupla years ago, my daughter's best friend married an Aussie and several of his country-men and women came to Canada to help him get married and at the same time made it a point to enjoy some Canadian winta flava.

We took them for a sleigh ride, followed by a weinie roast and capped off with s'mores! But first it was necessary to instruct them in the correct way of roasting marshmallows.

(Most marshmallows didn't even make it to the s'more stage. But that's ok. Roasted marshmallows alone are good too.)

Here're the layouts to document the event.

Well, the sleigh ride and the marshmallows at least. The weinie roast is yet to come.

The first one was done for a challenge a Love is in the Details to do a 2-pager which is the only kind of layout I ever used to do. So it was good to try one on again!
And the "how to:" layout is for A Cherry on Top challenge to use a border punch (which was a good challenge seeing as how I've NEVER used this punch yet!!), using a SketchyThursday sketch! Oh! And there's some more of that MacTac!