Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Discovery and a Discovery!

Not along the lines of Columbus and the New World or anything, but still, my world was a little bit rocked!  

Last summer I packed up all my worldly goods (if by worldly goods, it is understood I mean, all my scrappy supplies that I can not contemplate going a whole summer without) and began the trek north.  I drove and drove and DROVE under miles of hot sun beating down.  I had air conditioning so I was ok.  My Rubbermaid (uppercase R with the circle around it) bin with stuff like jars of InkaGold were not.  The plastic jars totally melted and shriveled and the paste inside totally dried up! I was so disgusted I threw them all away.

Very shortly after, I was together with like-minded paper and glue people and the subject came up.  I was interested to learn that by adding water to the paste and sealing it tight (in a different container, obvs) I could reconstitute it!  *Cue the sequence of the return to the cottage and frantic tearing open and pawing through a large trash bag.  Turns out?  This works.

Next discovery!  When you add MORE water to the soft InkaGold paste, and smear it on an acrylic surface, you can totally use it as paint!  So I did.

I used a Catherine Scanlon Art Gone Wild stamp (Peonies) and a fairly limited paint palette of the InkaGold colors I own.  A couple of greens, a pink, red and peach.  You don't need a lot.

It's hard to capture the glimmer in the photo, but in real life, it's totally worth sifting through broken egg shells and fish guts for discarded pots of paintable happiness.  Totally.  

Thanks for stopping by today!  This post has been brought to you by the word "totally"!  You're welcome.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Deck the Halls...and doors and tables

Basically anything that doesn't move gets some decoration.  I don't decorate for Christmas as such, but I do embrace the snowy winter decor!  It's a much easier thing to celebrate when it doesn't include shoveling snow.  Not something I miss yet, living for 7 years in Arizona.  Turns out, all I need to get in the spirit is some evergreen boughs, a few crafty snowmen, and some hot spiced mocha coffee!

Here are a few corners that I look to when I need to remember what month it is.  You think I joke.  Only people who live in season-less climates will understand how lost you can get in a calendar year.

This vintage lidded basket has been part of the "seasonal" decor for years now.  I pull it out, pouf it up a little and it's good to go!  The wooden snowflake is new this year.  A recent flea market find!

In another corner is this vintage syrup bucket filled with greenery.  The bucket has been other colors over the years and held things like old broken badminton racquets or umbrellas, but this incarnation is my favorite!

This year we have framed wreaths on the front door!  I saw something similar on the interwebs and set about to make it here.  A 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby and the stash of burlap, bought for another project and never used, in my cupboard made for an easy project.

I have this vintage bird cage outside the front door as well.  I like to change it up from season to season, but this is the first time I put the crafty snowmen inside.  Mr B had some questions about the offenses that got them locked up?  Haha.  Everyone's a comedian.

So, if you remember here, where I showed you my craft room relocation, you'll see a photo of this 3 tiered basket holding washi tape and spray inks.  I got tired of that, and it was taking up a lot of room there so I brought it down to become a kitchen island decoration.  All fall it held pumpkins, candles, wooden apples, burlap pears and other Thanksgiving-y stuff.

I'm going for a winter-silver-and-white-with--touch-of-red-among-the-evergreens-look.  It holds some of my silver and ceramic pitcher collection, as well as some random items like a clock, a magnifying glass and a salt & pepper shaker.  Each piece chosen for no other reason than it was cute with everything else.

And for those of you who came for the paper crafting, I have a card!  One of those quick and easy to throw together at the last minute kinds of cards.  All I did was stamp with Distress ink and use a slightly wet brush to dab on the stamped images and smear the ink.  I love the soft effect it gives.

Thanks for stopping by today and may all your merries be bright!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Market Day

I've got a layout to share I dig down through the archives of finished projects on my table!  The photo is from a couple of years ago, and I finally scrapped it at the lake this summer.  I piled on a bunch of things I thought might look nice together and then ended up just gluing it all down!  Love when a layout creates itself like that!

I used Kaisercraft's Sandy Toes collection for the Woodgrain strip, Authentique for the check print, Prima wood and paper leaves, Pink Paislee ephemera and Cosmo Cricket tiny text phrase stickers.  And lets not forget the Blue Fern Studios chipboard!  Yum!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great Wednesday!