Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get your running shoes on....

It's workout time at ScrapFit!! This month the challenge is to get inspired by the vintage ad for Slinky.

Remember Slinkies??

Mr B especially loves them, even still. Last year when we were invited to dinner at some friends, he took their three kids a gift bag which included slinkies. Trouble was, they live in a bungalow. Only one step in the whole house, from the front door down into the rest of the house. Yeah.

Anyway, here's the ad:
And here's my layout. I liked the cone shape and the pieces that made up that shape, so that's what I took for inspiration:
And there's going to be a Fitabulous prize from Tidbitz in Time that you could get for doing this challenge and linking it up back at ScrapFit before Dec 15!
And we're saying goodbye to head coach Kelly! This is her last month as head coach, but never fear, there's a new leader all lined up and ready for kick off!! Sara Zenger will be carrying on with the fun starting in January! Welcome and Hoo-ah Sara! And thanks for all the fun Kelly!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Stuff and Things...

First off, it was American Thanksgiving last week.

We missed Canadian thanksgiving having just barely arrived home after gallivanting about Europe! So we were determined to do it properly for turkey day in November!

Some of the importantest members of our family were not able to be here until Friday so we actually had one more day of drooling anticipation.

And preparation.

That's no small thing. An extra day for prep.

It started with mountains of potatoes peeled.
And one or two sculpted. Just because he could.

The table got set nice and early. Not sparing attention to any detail.Including the name place markers. Little cardboard boxes from Hobby Lobby with 2 truffles inside. Had to send Mr B all the way to Canada to bring back that fabulous chocolate!

And cut and stitched felt leaves tied on top. As you can very well see.And speaking of fabulousness....we were, weren't we? Costco never fails to come through for me! Check out the gawjus flower arrangement, all custom looking! Well I did add some feathers for kicks. So it sort of actually IS custom. Happiness is....the whole family....plus a few around the table. Enjoying being together, good food, good times, never forgetting how very lucky we all are.

A new challenge is coming up tomorrow at ScrapFit. And an announcement as well!!

But before you go! Check THIS out! How cute is that!! The possibilities are truly mind-boggling!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clean up, catch up, tidy up, giddy up.

Here's a random assortment of layouts that need to get put in their albums. But they can't go to there until I've showed 'em to you! So here we go in no partickler order.

My mom and me when I was 7 1/2 months. How do I know that? Because she might not be a scrapbooker, but dating and labeling photos is very important to her so she wrote it on the back.

The journaling reads: I am the one who made you a mother. But the mother I am is because of what you taught me."

There. Hope that brought a tear to your eye too.

It was done for a LiitD challenge to use glitter, chipboard, ribbon and some other stuff, using the October - On the Easel, Studio Calico kit.

Next up. A piece of tightly hoarded paper by Bisous. Of the 10 pieces I bought TWO summers ago, this is the first one I've been able to part with.

I mean use.

Every single one has SO MUCH HAPPENING on it! AND they're double sided! And so pretty!! To use? To not use. To frame? STRESS!!!

Anyway, it's all good.

Racquel is my neice.

She has more energy than is legal.

And for a bit of contrast, something nice and clean. I used a LiitD sketch and did it for a color challenge to use brown, green and blue.

Loving those Making Memories butterflies. Can't stop myself using them!

The photo is of Jeff and Amy last summer in Kenora.

Can we call it last summer if it's still the same calendar year?

Now a layout about the Benster.

For a challenge to use up some numbers from the alphabet sets. Sad to say, even this layout hardly made a dent!

Photo taken last spring for his senior shoot.

Poor kid weighs in at 150 lbs and is struggling to gain weight.

Did I say poor kid? Mmm, not what I meant.

Dug into the archives for these pics! 1994! How I would love to visit this day again for a little while.

But whatever. I have the pics.

So, it happened.

Everyone was having fun.

More Studio Calico - On the Easel kit.

Studio Calico Sunday sketch. Combined with a challenge to use some overlays. Add to that, the July Studio Calico Maya Road chipboardy things and you get this layout.

Just some miscellaneous photos from the lake this summer. Last summer. The summer that was this year. You may see these photos again. They're too good to use only once.

OH! And check out the wood grain leaf stem on the left!! Mactac! Look for more on THAT subject in the future.

Last one is fridge photo. You know, the kind you get from people around the holiday season each year?

Or if you get one from me, in May.

Or September.

I never get tired of doing snowflake layouts, but I don't get so much opportunity anymore living here in AZ. So this one was fun!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Winner of the Chicken Dinner and a New Workout!!

So the Hippity Hop Blog hop! How fun was that, huh? I loved all the creativity inspired by the same recipe on 5 different blogs! And we have a winner here! The random generator spit out #14 as the winning number and Pattiwest, Come on DOWN!!Workout #32 is up at scrapFit! It's a numbers/recipe sort of challenge - my favorite kind! Your mission this fortnight (I always wish I were a little bit British so I could use that word without any trace of irony), and I know you'll want to accept it (the work out challenge that is. That's what we were talking about before I used the word fortnight.) is to use

ONE piece of cardstock,

TWO types of alphas,

THREE different embellishments,

FOUR patterned papers and

FIVE photos!

I'll admit, as number challenges go, this one will stretch your creativity. And that's always a good thing! Here's what I came up with.
Our sponsor this month is 3Scrappyboys and you'll want to head over there and check them out! It's Heather's 1st anniversary so they've got all kinds of specials and prizes to give away this month! And this here's what you could win from them for doing this workOut! Link it up by the 30th at scrapFit for a chance to win!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

HiPpItY HoP LeT's BoP!

K I admit it. That's the lamest post title in blog history. But it's late. It's all I got. Stick with me anyways.

But really, it's time to HOP!!! scrapFIT Workout Blog has joined forces with Sassy Lil' Sketches, Crop Suey, Scrap Tiffany and The Cuttlebug Spot to have an AWESOME Challenge Blog Hop!

We are doing a Recipe Challenge and at each Challenge Blog you will get an element that must be included in your LO/Card.
Here is my LO for the Hop.
The sketch is from Sassy Lil' Sketches (that's where you'll start), the 3 apples are for ScrapFit, the green scalloped paper strip is embossed for Cuttlebug, the inked edges and misting is for Crop Suey.
Well, the ink is for me. No page ever gets away ink free.
But also for CropSuey. And finally, the lace (paper) is for Scrap Tiffany!
Check out my leather satchel I started school with! I was all, law school here I come!!!

So the Hop starts at Sassy Lil' Sketches. Head on over there when you are done here!

ScrapFIT is offering a BONUS PRIZE!! All you have to do to get your name in on the drawing for these adorable stamps is to hop around and see the 10 FITgirl's. To get to each of our blogs just click on their pictures at scrapFIT! Leave a comment at each of our blogs and than leave one at scrapFIT letting us know you visited us all. 2 Cute Rubber Stamps is giving you the choice of getting 4 Digital Stamps or two adorable Rubber Cling Stamps.

Paisley's & Polka Dots is giving away this AMAZING Mini Album Kit to one lucky hopper! To get in on this prize all you have to do is the Recipe Challenge and link it up to Mister Linky at scrapFIT by 9:00 pm Sunday Nov 14! Actually, you can submit your LO/Card to all 5 Challenge Blogs for a chance to win up to 5 TIMES!!!
I know right!? How many days in the week can you get that lucky!?
But wait! The fun isn't over! Click the follow me button and leave a comment to say hey! or "I'm a new/old follower and I'll follow you to the ends of the earth" or "would you like fries with that" or just "your shoelace is undone", and I'll put your name in the hat for a chance to win this scrappy goodness!
In fact, leave me the randomest comment you can think of and you'll get a chance to win! Woohoo right??

Thanks for hopping with us!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Men @ work

Scrapped today!

Always a good day when that happens!

Got a couple challenges met too!

Did this PageMaps sketch for their draw on the 21st, as well as a challenge at Love is in the Details to make a layout with a mixed alpha title.

Check, check.

Friday, November 5, 2010

And we have LIFT OFF!!

We'll technically, lift off was 5 days ago. That was the official launch date of the new and improved Crop Suey Challenge Blog with the announcement of the November Sponsor (May Arts)! You were there, remember? The hors d'oeuvres were sublime, weren't they?! But I must say, cocktail dresses are getting skimpier every year!

So, now that the streamers have all been swept up and the caterers have packed up and left, it's time to get down to business! The first challenge is to use at least 3 of the following 5 elements on a scrapbook layout, card or other project.
- white cardstock

- buttons

- stamp

- ink, mist or paint. Or all 3.

- distressing
Here's mine, using white cardstock, buttons, a stamp and ink. But for all that, I felt like keeping it really clean, so there you have it.

Now you have until Nov 20, 12:00 midnight EST to complete this challenge and upload it to this post at Crop Suey for a chance to win THIS scraptabulous prize!! Yes, 30 different kinds of ribbon - 3' each!

And! Don't forget the HiPpItY HoP blog hop is happening soon, November 12-14! Guaranteed good times!!


Monday, November 1, 2010

New Month Notification!!

Turn the page on your calendar.

That's all.


Oh wait no! A new month means all kindsa new fun! Workout #31 is up at ScrapFIT! This is a fun one! It's all about SHAPE! Triangles, hexagons, pentagons.

Wait, aren't pentagons where guys in dark suits and glasses hang out? Ok, well scrap your photos of your last trip to the Pentagon! Do it!

And? Just to make it a little more fun, use fall colors! When you're done, link up your layout at ScrapFIT for a chance to win some amazing stuff from our November sponsor the Snobby Walrus!

I didn't do my Pentagon trip, but I did do a LO about our bee trouble.

It all started back in May...this would be when you start spinning and falling backwards as if in a dream....when the Monk's Pepper trees in our yard came into bloom. Very pretty purple spears of bloom too, but that's not the point.

Also attracted to the pretty purple blooms were bees. Of course.

But a LOT of bees this year.

To the point where the mail lady refused to deliver mail until the bee problem went away on the grounds that government employees are not required to work in unsafe or threatening conditions.

And I was all like phhhtt, sure, we'll all wait for the mail until the blooms go to pepper corns. Go ahead, take your time.

But just to be sure, when the pest control guy came, I asked him to check and he couldn't find anything.

Just blooms and bees.

Like science dictates.

Then the HOA called. B'cause folks weren't getting their mail. Finally, she was persuaded to deliver the bills again (yaayy) and life went on.

As life will do.

Fast forward to the beginning of October and the leaves on the tree are thinning and for the first time we spot a MASSIVE bee hive. And by massive I mean quite big. Calls to exterminators yielded answers costing between $150 and $500. Not even lying.

We opted for the cheapie route which even included removal of the host branch and everyone lived happily ever after.
Well except for that I owe the mail lady an apology for rolling my eyes and not taking her seriously.

This is it.

And the fun isn't finished! Today's the official launch date for Crop Suey! Crop Suey is under new management and it's looking like a fine old time is going to be had! The first challenge will debut on Friday, Nov 5th, but in the meantime check out the droolworthy prizes offered by our November Sponsor - May Arts!!

And that's only just a little bit of it!

Also, don't forget the upcoming Hippity Hop Blog Hop Nov 12-14. Check back here for more details. I'm putting a prize together to make it worth your while!