Monday, October 25, 2010

Hippity Hop Blog Hop. Also mini workouts and supper.

Mark your calendars! It's coming soon! November 12-14 to be exact!
And both ScrapFIT and Crop Suey are involved!!

So make sure to check back here then! I'll even make it worth your while.... (insert winking icon here.)

And today, over at ScrapFIT its the mini workout.

Mini workouts are where you make something out of scraps from one of the main workouts. In this case, #30 and #31.

So I made these fall leaves.
Used the same rub-ons on the leftover paper scraps.

And then jazzed it up with needle and thread.

And ink.

For the edges.

Why do I feel like I'm talkin' like Bob and Doug McKenzie, eh?
So yeah.
But wait, don't take off yet.

Over at Crop Suey, supper's cooking! F'realz! It smells so good I can hardly wait till supper time. Chicken, Curry and Broccoli. Check it out too!

And because no post should go photo-less, here's some pics from the recent air trip I took with Mr B.

He's piloting again.

So we went up to Canada eh? To visit the rellies.

Doing the run-up.
See? Grand Canyon ain't such a big deal from 10,000 ft.
I discovered FBO's. Fixed Base Operations. Where you can take a break while refueling, call the weather office, empty yourself of the coffee you shouldn't have drunk so liberally before that last flight. You know. THIS one in Cedar City, Utah? The nicest I've seen anywhere!Here's our plane.Ha ha. No it isn't. This is.Look at us! How cute are we?!I do Sudoku to avoid having to assume from the dials and gauges, that a crash is imminent. It works! We didn't crash once! (We wear oxygen at 12,000 ft. We go to 12,000 ft because that's where the ride is smooth.)There it is! The Canada/US border! It's not as well defined from the air.Don't you just love some prairie landscape?Mr B is a pro at this part!Here he is! Le pilote extraordinaire!!

Phew. Done for the day. I can drink all the coffee I want now.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Blog Candy!!!!!

Not mine, but if I get lucky it will be!!!

But just to make it fair, I'll give you a chance to win this a-MA-za-zing prize too!!

I know right!? Is that not a mouthwatering selection of crafty goodness!? That's COPIC MARKERS there!! 36 of them! Front and center. (If you win 'em and don't want 'em - send 'em to me.)

So. Go here and may the luckier one WIN it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Taking care of business

We interrupt the parade of travel photos to bring you this important message from our sponsors!

Ok, we don't actually have any sponsors on this blog, but wouldn't it ever be cool if we did!?

Nope it's all business today with exciting things to report all over the place!

First is, today I (me!) get to wear the crown and be princess-for-a-day over at Crop Suey! We're winding up around the net for a challenge blog re-launch on November 1st (mark it on your calendars!) and have been meeting the new design team for the last couple of weeks! So come on over and meet me today!! (lol.)

As well! It's a new Workout for you's at ScrapFIT! Today it's all about color! Hallowe'en color to be pacific. Purple, black, orange and green. Pick one of those colors for a base and go from there! Here's what I did:
And The Little Black Dress Kit Club is providing THIS fabulous fabulosity for a prize!! Go ahead, do this challenge. Link it up. Win the prize. I know you want to.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Windows and Doors

So, this traipsing through Europe for a month requires some restraint in the luggage department!

I thought we did pretty well, but even so, we were toting far more than felt convenient. That meant there was no choice when it came to collecting souvenirs! NO ROOM!

Thankfully, I had a camera so that made up for what I couldn't bring back with me. Just not enough room in my bags for even ONE set of windows and doors! Can you believe it??

But they are what caught my attention everywhere I looked on our recent trip. Some are old; some are ancient! Some are rough and so humble and others are grand and quite opulent. The ones in Belgium almost always had lace (Belgian of course) adorning them. And I loved them all and would have taken a great many more of them home in pixel form if we hadn't been hurtling through the country-side at such insane speeds!!!

Let me tell you about the driving in Belgium. It's even nuttier than France and France is not for wimps either, believe me. That's what I loved about Germany so much. They are a rule following nation and if the speed limit says 120 kmph, then that's what they're driving.

In Belgium it seems like the posted speed limits are merely a suggestion.

For seniors.

If you're not going WELL over the posted limit you can be sure there will be a hotheaded driver hanging off your bumper! So it's either pick-it-up or get off the road.


Many fewer photos of lovely, quaint windows and doors than I would have liked. But here are a few of my faves.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Turkey Day Canada!!!

Have a glass of gravy for me please!Just to let you know, my faithful avid blog followers, all 26 of you, I'm back home where I belong and have finished sorting and editing photos, all 2000+ of them. You'll be happy to hear at least half of those have been deleted and there are NO plans to post what's left here. Well, I mean, yes, I'll post a few. Maybe just a couple! But that's all.

And now that we've been home for 4 days, that's entirely long enough, so we're going to go visit family in Canada this week. Yuh.

Catcha lata.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Monster Mash!

It's October 1st boys and girls! Do you know what that means??

It means that Walmart has had their hallowe'en candy out for over a MONTH already and kids have been taking it to school in their lunch bags all this time.

When did that become ok I'd like to know?! Eating hallowe'en candy early!

Next thing we'll be seeing restaurants serving dessert before the entree.

Actually that's not a bad idea.

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!

No really, what Oct 1st means is a new Workout up at ScrapFIT! This challenge is to make a card, layout or altered art, using a Hallowe'en Song Title, and incorporating some ribbons and buttons. Because that's what Hallowe'en is all about right? Ribbons and buttons! (I was glad Kelly didn't ask us to use candy on our layouts because I've eaten all ours and I need to go to Walmart again.

Here's mine:

If you want to do this challenge and win a life time supply of little chocolate bars and suckers, just link it up at ScrapFIT and let the random generator do the rest.

K, don't listen to me. The prize isn't candy.

It's better! Goodies from The Little Black Dress Kit Club and if I had a link, I'd attach it here. I don't but I know who does! ScrapFIT!!

But I DO have a fun link here for a list of hallowe'en songs to jumpstart your scrappy mojo!