Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rhapsody in Peach

I am about to wax rhapsodic. And make no apology for it either. Ontario peaches deserve that much.

Our first encounter with them came when we lived in Quebec back in '95 and '96 and toured the region extensively.

We drove down through the Niagara Falls area just as the orchards were being harvested. Pulled over one afternoon with a van full of stinky hot cranky travel weary kids to a roadside market stand and got out to watch, as between the rows an old tractor pulling a homemade wooden trailer came ppbbtt-putting over to where we were.
Mounded high with fat yellowy-orange peaches, it looked like a children's storybook illustration, it was just that perfect.
It wasn't until we reached for one and took a bite letting the juices run leisurely past our wrists and drip off our elbows, that we realized we only now understood the meaning of perfect.
And that's as many words as I know to describe how sweet and good they were.
I've not had one quite as perfect since.
However, the ones we get in Kenora every August, shipped and sold in their ubiquitious cardboard baskets with purple cupcake liners are a very close second. They come from the Niagara region after all. They've just been on the road in a refrigerated truck for a while is their only drawback.

But leave them on the window sill to absorb some summer sun and they will be as sweet and drippy and delicious and memory-beckoning as you'd want.

This year I decided to bring that taste home with me to enjoy in the dreary frozen soul-deadening months of winter. Ok, winter's not actually that bad here in AZ but just go with me on this.

So I made freezer jam.

Lots. of freezer jam.

I left most of it in the freezer at the cottage just in case customs officials decided to abscond with my entire batch. But I brought home a few jars.

And believe me I was all ready to LIE through my teeth if that's what it would take to keep them.

Happily, it wasn't necessary.

I guess peach freezer jam isn't a threat to the nation's health and welfare.

Check it!

Mini workouts are back at ScrapFit! The idea is to use your scraps from one of the current workout challenges to make a card. Or many cards if you have a lot of scraps. Link it up at the ScrapFit blog and get a chance to win fame fortune and international acclaim! And a prize. And you can give yourself a Gold Star for doing your part to reduce/re-use/recycle while you're at it!!! What else are you going to do today that will get you a Gold Star??

I haven't done one yet, but I do have high hopes for the rest of the day!

Wanna see something?
Apparently it's not a good idea to read a book whilst floating in the water, or to then leave it out in the bald AZ sunshine.
And that's your Good To Know Tip For Today.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last day ....

For the ScrapFit blog hop! You wanna make sure to do at least ONE of the three things that could result in you being a winner!

Well, you're ALL winners in my books, but over at ScrapFit you could actually take home some schtuff that proves it!!!

So I hope you've either done the layout recipe challenge and linked it up at ScrapFit, or the bloghop scavenger hunt (was it just me or was that HARD!?!?) or become a follower of the ScrapFit challenge blog.

Or all 3 if you're an overachieving little monkey!

And because every blog post needs something to look at, here's a fairly recent layout.

My last child graduating from highschool....sigh.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

And before I go any further, let me make note that 2 days ago (the day the weather matched our spirits as we turned off the water and brought in hammocks and dock chairs....(rain, closing up the cottage for another year)) was the 15th and was the ScrapFit workout challenge #26 but I was deep in bear country and could not post my layout for that challenge.

But I'm home now, back in cactus territory, where the www connection is magnifique! So without further adieux, I mean's the current challenge from ScrapFit to Dress It Up!

Kelly asked us to "dress up" our LO, card or altered art. To use our bling, our sparkle and our shine! Also to use some black since The Little Black Dress Kit Club is our sponsor!

That's what I did! FINALLY used one of my Prima Paintables too! With my Copics! Fun times!
This photo is a few years's of my son and his Highschool grad date. A worthy photo to "dress up" I'd say....
And THIS is what Little Black Dress is giving one lucky winner who does this challenge! Is that not worth pulling out your adhesive and trimmer RIGHT NOW!?!? Huh?!? If you do this challenge, link it up at the ScrapFit blog for a chance to win!
Further cottage postings to follow....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ScRaPFiT BlOgHoP!!!

Hiyas!!! Thanks for hopping all the way over to the Velvet Lemon! You've just left Mikki's blog and the fun still isn't over!

I just started designing for ScrapFit and this is the month of their 1st birthday! So we're celebrating with a bloghop! Our challenge was to design a layout following recipe:
1. Every party needs cards so use cardstock for your background!
2. Wrap that present really good--use some bright and colorful pp.
3. Don't forget ur bow---use some ribbon!
4. Since it is our 1 year Anniversary lets see 1 photo, 1 button, 1 brad, 1 rubon and 1 embossed item.
5. I love confetti so let's mist that LO like confetti falling!

Here's what I came up with.

you need to click here to get started. Just follow the links till you find your way back here, and then further on from there!

We have some AWESOME sponsors for the bloghop and you need to check them out too!


You have a chance to win some of their generous goodies one of three ways! Do the above listed challenge and post it at the ScrapFit blog, OR become a ScrapFit follower, OR join us in a scavenger hunt (details at the ScrapFit blog)!!! Fun stuff, huh?! So go to ScrapFreak and ScrapStreet for more inspo and goodies.

And now you wanna head over to Sara's blog for more fantastic scrapping inspiration!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get excited!!

For the ScrapFit bloghop starting tomorrow!!!

Guaranteed to leave you feeling like THIS! But with a little bit looser lifejacket strap....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Life at the lake

Consists of consuming calories, a little bit of swimming, eating, reading, eating, game playing and sitting around campfires making and eating smores.

Also some trying to stay dry both outside AND in… patching of holey rooves, and trying to dry out wet things. Towels, shoes, cushions, chairs, tshirts. That sort of thing.

And some more consumption of calories.

We have a new go-to calorie vehicle this year.

It comes as a result of a fully sealed box of soda crackers getting really really stale after going through a whole winter alone.

At least that’s our theory. Lonely crackers even sealed in their boxes will go stale.

So we browsed on our phones, well the technologically savvy and connected did, and found this yummy recipeYou probably want some doncha? Well I can't really pass you some through the internets. Not because the internets can't do that, but because we've eaten it all. Again. We will make some more though.

And you can too!

Caramel Crack(ers)

40 Saltine crackers
¾ C margarine
1 C packed brown sugar
½ tsp vanilla
1 ½ C semi or bittersweet chocolate chips
1 C toasted sliced almonds or other nuts, walnuts, pecans, peanuts
Extra sea salt for sprinkling

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line an 11x17 cookie sheet with tinfoil, then parchment paper cut to fit. Melt the butter and brown sugar together and stir over medium heat until it begins to boil. From that point allow mix to continue bubbling for 3 more mins stirring well. Remove from heat, add the vanilla then quickly pour over the crackers. Spread quickly before it sets. Bake for 15 mins watching for bubbling on edges. If it seems to be burning or darkening too quickly, turn heat lower. Remove from oven and cover immediately with choc chips. Let stand for 5 mins to melt, smear to cover, and sprinkle on nuts and sea salt. Cool and store in freezer.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to ScrapFit!!!

It's an exciting month over at ScrapFit!! Check it out! A great challenge starting today, a new (mostly) design team and a blog hop starting on the 11th!! This layout was done for Challenge #25 - Get Wet and Wild!! You'll want to join in this challenge too just for a chance to win the AWE-HAW-SOME prize that The Paper Poppy Kit Co is sponsoring and providing!!
Grandpa's Lap a good place to hear a story,

play a game,

get a cuddle,

look at a book,

and feel loved!

I got wet and wild with Maya Mist! Lots of it! Stamped with it, scooched (0fficial scrapbooking term) with it, using crumpled cellophane, sprayed it through holes in a template and soaked a piece of white tissue paper with several different colors of it. GREAT fun!!

Go there and check out the rest of the design team's amazing takes on this challenge!

Here's what you have a chance to win!! Yumminess, right!?