Saturday, January 25, 2014

Back to School.

Yes, in January.  
Which might not be so odd, except that these are September photos.  
From 1993.  
But who's checking, right?
 I often find, after I've taken a bit of a break from scrapbooking, that I have to ease back into it for the first layout or two.  Like I've forgotten how to do it?  Just like every time we drive up to the hill, I'm absolutely convinced I've completely forgotten how to snowboard.  Every. Single. Year.  Hope I outgrow that soon.  Anyway, that easing in produced a clean and simple style that works on a layout.
I loved using the Simple Stories Smarty Pants line from Love is in the Details.  The journaling cards (cut from 12x12" paper), along with a sticker, some Heidi Swapp paintable chipboard accents and the American Crafts Thickers alphabet are enough to create a dynamic layout.  
And if more stash-busting was the goal, (I just moved my scrap room.  Stash busting seems particularly needful right now.) I think I accomplished that with the alphabet design.  
 Look at these cute little schmeebly kids!  Especially the schmeebliest little one.  Who wasn't actually starting back to school but was quite happy to be included in the back to school photo!  Lol. 
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Inspired Blueprints Sketch #118

Hi y'all.  Got a new sketch live at Inspired Blueprints today.  
It's a 3 square photo one, and I stayed pretty true to the sketch this time, the only significant alteration being where the vertical strip is on the sketch?  I switched up for the patterned paper along the right hand side.  
I had actually toyed with the idea of using the whole piece of patterned paper as the background, but I found it didn't matter what color of card stock I used for the Cameo Silhouette cut title, it didn't show up well enough against the vibrant pattern.  Easy enough to fix though, with the mix of brown card stock and the pattern.
And in the name of stash busting, I used both label maker stickers AND printed up some labels of my own with my trusty old DYMO!

Can't hardly see the 14 year old boy anymore in the "new and improved," facial hair experimenting, independent 21 year old he is today!  Thank goodness we have pictures.

Thanks for stopping by again today!  Be sure and visit the Inspired Blueprints blog to see what the other DT members created and to link us up to your layout of this sketch!

Friday, January 10, 2014

It's a Wrap.

The holidays, that is.  All over but for the random bits of glitter hiding in cracks and crevices.  My love for all things kraft continued unabated, so we went to town on our gift wrap!  If you're thinking you've seen this somewhere before….you have!  All over Pinterest!  No END of fun/cool/cute ideas there!!  Well, and this post also went up recently at Love is in the Details!
Some details….
 I especially loved printing black and white photos and turning them into gift tags.  
 A trip down the artificial flower aisle of the craft store, and some gathering of supplies from various drawers in the house, provided all kinds of interesting options for adornments!
 Yes, those are vintage postage stamps.  They found their way home with me a year ago when we downsized and moved my parents.  These among many other treasures….
 And one more item to show you.  Also inspired by a pin on Pinterest!  I found a deer silhouette clip art on line, turned it's jpgs into something that my Cameo Silhouette could recognize and cut, and made a mask.   
 Then, a few quick strokes of a sharpie marker to fill it in, and there you have it.  

One extremely cool decor accent!!  
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Inspired Blueprints Sketch #116

Hello Lovelies!  Welcome back!

Sketch #116 went live today at Inspired Blueprints and here's what I made for the reveal.  The sketch uses one photo but I had a second that begged to be used too, so I printed it small and added it to an embellishment cluster at the top. (Not sure why it is so quality reduced in this photo, because IRL it looks much better!)  (Actually, I do know why.  Apparently I was in too much of a hurry to use the tripod with my camera and the result is a blurry shaky mess.  Sorry folks.)
Here's the sketch we used.
The occasion was the 20th birthday (but the first one celebrated away from home and family) of my now daughter-in-law!  She was quite delighted that one candle remained lit after blowing out her cake!
I've recently moved scrap room to our under-utilized bonus room and it has resulted in resurrecting some old stash that found it's way onto this layout.  Buttons, stickers, velvet stickers that I watercolor-painted, and even some fun "retro" Heidi Swapp photo corners!  (I bet I'm the only scrapper left with some of those in my stash!)

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Lol, I'ma dork.

No, really.  It's true.

There I was, so organized through the last few weeks, pre-posting a number of blog posts, to get caught up with the last few things I had to show you and give you something fresh to read and look at on a more regular basis.  So organized, that I preset the post about my ever-loving-long-overdue-and-taking-waaaay-too-long project where I unmounted my old rubber stamps for new-and-improved storage reasons!!  With NO PHOTOS.  YAYYY.  How cool was that, right??  Lol.

Well, I'ma try and fix that today.  Here's a little more about the process.  With some pics.

Step 1, was to pull all the red rubber off old wood blocks like these.  Depending on their age and my dexterity, most of them peeled off ok, with the occasional one that took a LOT of glue with it. I didn't find that putting the stamps into either the freezer or microwaving them (as some have suggested) helped very much with removal.
Next, I laid out the various rubber shapes onto Sunday International EZ Mount foam and traced around the shapes.
The next step was to use (a variety of) adhesives to re-stick the rubber shapes onto a clear mounting block, and stamp the image, using Black Stazon Ink, onto the cling-mount side of the grey foam.
 (StazOn stamp cleaner).
Once that was done, I traced around the outline marks with a Walnut Hollow Hot Knife (my new best friend!) and mounted each rubber shape to its corresponding foam shape.  
Now, this grey mounting foam is sticky.  And no matter how exacting you are with cutting the rubber and the foam to be the same size, you are going to get irritatingly sticky edges on your newly mounted rubber stamps.  After asking Uncle Google what to do about that, I settled upon the brain numbing technique of brushing baby powder over all the edges of each stamp.  It wasn't too bad…I multi-tasked while I did it, and raised 2 adolescent boys to adulthood during the process.  

Actually, no, it was a good time to chat on the phone, or catch up on YouTube videos.  All of the Instructional Variety, of course!
And, some 22 sheets of EZMount foam later, I was done!  Nothing to it!  Easy Peasy!
 I had, at some point in the past, while late-night-on-line-shopping (almost never a good idea) purchased quite a few of these clear cd cases for other stamp storage, and while they aren't my favorite storage method, and I may yet switch them over to my most favorite method, this works for now, and uses up all those nice, empty cases that were "laying around".
This, however, is my storage method of choice.
 These are sheets of legal-sized laminated plastic sheets (with nothing laminated between the layers.  Try explaining that to the helpful Staples clerk.) and cut into approximately 5"x7" sizes.
 The point is to NOT adhere your foam mounted stamps to acetate for any extended period of time.  They don't play well together.  Apparently, laminate plastic is not acetate.  Several sources confirm this.
Why are the laminate sheets cut to 5"x7" exactly?  Well, to fit into these handy-dandy-as-recommended-by-the-inimitable-Jennifer McGuire-stamp-storage-pockets, of course! 
Here are some of the old wood blocks headed to the recycling bin.  You can't see how many layers deep they go, but there are a LOT.  
In the final analysis, I have happily reduced an entire closet full of stamps in awkward plastic storage drawers, to 3 Ikea unit drawers like this.  
And it is good.  

I feel like I should reward you with something I've made as a result of this massive re-do, but sadly, I got nuthin.  Stick with me though, and there's bound to be something coming down the pike!
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