Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chunky Monkey

I love how obvious this icecream is about it's intent to turn you into what IT is.

So I did this layout for a challenge at my favorite scrap site LiitD. The challenge actually was to use
1 photo, check

2 chipboards, check

3 fonts, check

4 pieces of patterned paper, check


5 buttons, check.

Wait, what?! did you say 5 buttons?! I see 6!!!

Yeah, I wasn't happy with the final result even though it fit the criteria, so I added more stuff. Ribbon, the butterfly, another button, etc.

I don't usually go back and re-do and technically this isn't really a re-do,

but anyway

there you have it.

What else have I been doing.
Oh yeah! This one, about when we were all snowboard newbies. Done for another challenge at LiitD to "lift" this layout by Nic Howard.

And this one
for yet another challenge at LiitD, this time to do a layout incorporating something about luck, and including a rainbow somewhere. Well THAT was harder said than done! Searched my not meager stash of paper, stamps, embellishments of all kinds and came up with nothing!

I know! Crazy, right!?

So, I hadda make one! Well for the new owner of some FAB new COPICs, this was not a problem! Pretty simple design to draw and then color. Then I just layed a clear epoxy bubble over top and voila.

Bob's your uncle.

It always was a toss-up between coloring and recess as my favorite subject in Grade 1.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break...

You know the problem with doing nothing is you're never really sure when you're done....

One of Arizona's best-kept secrets and surprises has got to be Sunrise!

I think, just the fact that there's enough snow in a desert state to snowboard on, is a pretty good secret/surprise by itself!

But the combination of proximity to home, temperatures, quality of snow and size of ski hill....well my jaw was dragging on the ground the whole first day we spent there!

I mean, it's no BC or Colorado, but STILL!!

And it's an easy 4 hours from home!!

We didn't plan anything wild or vacationey for Spring Break (yes that's a word, go look it up), and everyone was cool with that, but Thursday we decided to take a day off from our week of

doing nothing

to head up there and spend the day snowboarding together!
Being Canadian,

this whole high-school prom thing is a bit new to us...

but I love how over-the-top creative high-school kids get about the asking part....So Chelsea? How 'bout it?

Had to take this pic just for all the depth and dimension it showed...
And check it out!

A loose bit of snow got too close to the edge and just rolled on down!

It's a snowman dude just missing his torso and head!
It really was a totally gorgeous day! LOVE not having to bundle up against the elements!
Like this guy.
He also loves not having to bundle up against the elements.
Even though he really would be doing humankind a favor if he did!
Next day though, I was paying the piper!

Can you imagine how Nearly Naked Ned was feeling?!
Want more snowboarding action? Jeff took the GoPro along and made this video of our day.

And just so you don't think it was all play and no play this last week....A layout done for a challenge at Love is in the Details, to use something old and something new.... Always happy to use up old stuff like the Basic Grey paper, the ribbon, rubons, and practically antique golf ball sticker! And then happy to oblige the command to pull out the new stuff like the American Crafts Thickers and Basic Grey mini alphas.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Art....in several forms...

I do love art in pretty much ANY form!

Even tattoos.

I might not consider my own skin a suitable canvas or want to look at the same image forever and ever, but I can appreciate the artistry in some of the designs people choose to ink themselves with...

Plus I sort of like creeping on people...

Dude had no idea why I was walking so close behind him. Probably thought it was his cologne that was attracting people.

So, here are the latest layouts to show you....

This one was for a challenge at Love is in the Details, to use the phrase "happiness is..." in the title or journaling. It's an Ali inspired design, but that girl rocks the random/order WAY better than I do.....

Then this one was for a sketch challenge at Imagine That.

I flipped the sketch but you probably figured that out all on your own....

If you clicked on the link...

Another layout for a sketch challenge. This one over at Studio Calico. Used some of my new March Quilting Bee kit.

And again, messed with the original sketch by turning it into a 2-pager.

And a couple of cards. Also for challenges. This one for BoBunny's Tuesday Card challenge.

I'll probably use it for a wedding card.

Or maybe Congratulations on your breast augmentation surgery.

One or the other...

and this one for no good reason at all, except to use up some paper bits leftover from the Happiness Is... layout.

And on the good chance that sometime soon I will be thankful for something and want to tell someone about it....

Last one....

This one covered off TWO different challenges. Cuz I'm just clever like that! How Much is Too Much posted this challenge back in February, and I combined it with this sketch challenge from Sketch This!

Again, tilted on it's keester.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mama, what is it.....?

Any guesses what this thing is?

Or does?

Don't look at me, I'm as clued out as you are! All I know is that the freezer doesn't make ice anymore, my foot hurts so bad I should go shopping for a wheelchair, and the microwave turntable makes a weird grinding noise whether it's cooking a heavy casserole or a bag of popcorn.

None of which explains this thing laying on the kitchen floor.

But as cosmic mysteries go, I bet it is the solution to at least ONE of those problems. If only I could just figure out which one.

But never mind, this is not a household hints blog. Nor an appliance repair advice column.

It is a scrapbookers blog. One who's mojo has returned however briefly.

That is a thing to celebrate. I think some chocolate will do quite nicely.

This one was done for a challenge over at Love is in the Details, focusing on "luck" and the color green.

Since this is Lucky Green month right now.....

and thinking back to the number of years spent looking for an affordable cottage, the many Sunday afternoon drives, with the middle seat of the van removed and laundry baskets of activities for the kids .....driving the hills of the back of lake country, looking for a for sale sign.....

and how close we came to getting outbid when we finally found and tried to purchase it.....

and how many people have since gotten so much joy from this place.....

well, lucky only begins to describe it.

Got these pics last year leaving Taos after 3 AW-HAW-SOME days of snowboarding, powpow and all that fun.

Melissa saw a shot she wanted that required some back country trekking through DEEP snow.

You just KNEW what was going to happen....

But! She saved the camera!

So it's all good.

Except, you know that smell of damp jeans in an enclosed vehicle after an hour.....?

This was done for a challenge over at Paper Secrets. Thanks Fran Tynan for an awesome layout to lift!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting back into the swing...

Got a list,

3 pages long,

of all the scrap challenges I aim to do this March.

Can't just say yet, what the success rate will be, but the intention factor is way high.

I think we're off to a good start though as there are already 2 challenges hi-lited out!

And yes, that paper has been doing some hard living! It suffered some severe strain (alliteration at it's finest!) when I made some OTHER lists while sitting by the pool where rambunctious boys played. Whatever, it's still perfectly functional!

But first I'll show you the other layout I completed from the sad and pathetic effort I put forth for last month's Love is in the Details Month of Love online crop. That's a mouthful.

It's a layout using photos that go back to Thanksgiving 2005! *blink*
The journaling says, "Don't be fooled,these are fierce sharp shooters. Hunters of the rare object of flight, the Skeet. Left unchecked, the skeet will fill up shelves of Canadian Tire stores across the nation, leaving no room for mosquito repellent and fly swatters. It may have taken several cases of shells to reduce the skeet to a manageable number, however environmentalists agree that it's a small price to pay in the ongoing war against the Clay Pigeon."
And the 2 pink lines on the March challenge list?? Coming soon....

Friday, March 5, 2010

Latkes and help with the dishes....

I think brunch is my favorite meal to entertain with....to plan, prep and EAT! So Saturday morning seemed a perfect opportunity to have some friends over. That included the in-laws, who thankfully too, are good friends!!

And somewhere along the way I was seized with the romantic notion that the potato pancakes I despised as a child would probably be really good to my now mature taste buds! And, Oh Joyous Day, I was right!!

Mr B did the actual cooking leaving me blissfully ignorant as to their caloric content based on how much fat they're fried in and so I could enjoy these little babies with only the slightest twinge of guilt. Slight twinges, I can live with...it's the full on I-forgot-my-child's-birthday guilt trip that brings me to my knees.

Which happily hasn't happened yet!

Alongside that deliciousness was a sausage egg bake because of which, all other egg-bake recipes will forthwith be abandoned. AND! A orange cornbread cake, banana muffins, fruit, yogurt and granola. You wanted to know all that, right??

Best thing ever!? Unsolicited help to clean up!

I want Amy to be my girlfriend instead of Jeff's.

Pretty sure she already likes me better anyway.

So yeah, brunch was good even though I had a little trouble keeping it down later. Lawl.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Yaaaaayyyyyyy! I finally got to scrap a layout again!! It has been too long!!! And this photo has been patiently waiting on my scrap table for some special attention. What with the vintage subject matter and all the cute vintagey designed paper and product out there!

Several times it got completely blanketed with drifts and piles of unrelated debris. Folded laundry once even. Is that not the saddest use for a scrap table you ever heard of??? Also, new product. And not that I even needed any more schtuff! (Who does?!) But buying and then hoarding scrappy goodness is just something I NEED to soothe the raging beast within. The raging beast that wants to scrap but can't find/make the time just now? Y'know it? I thought you might.

But now it's done. And the routine of my siblings and I putting on our aprons....(oh go ahead and say it - they're BIBS!!!)....before each meal, and the orderly way it was (supposed) to happen is now documented for all time. The journaling reads (dear myopic reader) "The oldest helped the next-in-age, who helped the one younger than him, who helped the youngest, whose whole existance was justified by her extreme cute factor."

And check it out....Maya Road is doing a give-away this week. Just go here and leave your guess to have a chance to win that pile of *sheer* goodness!!! Mmhmm, easy as that!