Batik stamping...

Playing some more catch up here…

A few weeks back (while still at the cottage in Canada) I got out the mess-making supplies to try a fun technique that would remind you of batik fabric.  

I started by stamping and clear heat embossing some leaf images onto card stock.

Then I decided to try die cutting some leaf designs and applying embossing ink through the openings, stencil-like.  

Then I chose a variety of inks in different color combinations and applied them with a sponge applicator, creasing the paper and adding more stamped, embossed images between each color, building up the layers of color and design.

Not happy to stop at just one, I needed to try some other colors on both white and kraft card stock.

Here are the finished cards that I posted on the Love is in the Details blog.

I quite like this technique and I suspect I'll be doing it again!  Thanks for stopping by today! 


  1. These cards are all gorgeous. I came to your blog looking for the second card that I saw on Pinterest--lovely. However, my favorite one here is the one on kraft cardstock; the colors are stunning, and it has a dramatic feel to it. Thank you for sharing the details.

  2. What a fascinating technique! So effective, Jo x


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