Oh! Forgot to tell you....

Pretty sure this isn't going to be a pattern, but after starting a blog and ignoring it for two weeks, posting twice in one day DOES seem like the thing to do.
Either that or I haven't figured out how to edit my earlier post in which I was going to say something highly important and interesting! You can trust me on this! That what I'm about to say is both highly important AND interesting.

My favorite scrap site of all time is hosting a TWO WEEK online crop starting on the day of LOVE! Of course they are - the word love is in their name and love is something they are VERY GOOD at. Trust me on this too.

And two weeks gives NO one an excuse to not get at least a FEW challenges done! Runs February 14 to February 28.

Yes, it IS necessary to spell February out in full. It gives you the chance to saaayy

feb rooo air ee,

as you type.

It satisfies something in all of us.

I can't be the only one.


  1. Next time I visit Phoenix, we are so spending some time at this antique mall. LOVE! And scrapbook stores, and such!

  2. Ohhhh ... psst ... love the blog!


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