Mama, what is it.....?

Any guesses what this thing is?

Or does?

Don't look at me, I'm as clued out as you are! All I know is that the freezer doesn't make ice anymore, my foot hurts so bad I should go shopping for a wheelchair, and the microwave turntable makes a weird grinding noise whether it's cooking a heavy casserole or a bag of popcorn.

None of which explains this thing laying on the kitchen floor.

But as cosmic mysteries go, I bet it is the solution to at least ONE of those problems. If only I could just figure out which one.

But never mind, this is not a household hints blog. Nor an appliance repair advice column.

It is a scrapbookers blog. One who's mojo has returned however briefly.

That is a thing to celebrate. I think some chocolate will do quite nicely.

This one was done for a challenge over at Love is in the Details, focusing on "luck" and the color green.

Since this is Lucky Green month right now.....

and thinking back to the number of years spent looking for an affordable cottage, the many Sunday afternoon drives, with the middle seat of the van removed and laundry baskets of activities for the kids .....driving the hills of the back of lake country, looking for a for sale sign.....

and how close we came to getting outbid when we finally found and tried to purchase it.....

and how many people have since gotten so much joy from this place.....

well, lucky only begins to describe it.

Got these pics last year leaving Taos after 3 AW-HAW-SOME days of snowboarding, powpow and all that fun.

Melissa saw a shot she wanted that required some back country trekking through DEEP snow.

You just KNEW what was going to happen....

But! She saved the camera!

So it's all good.

Except, you know that smell of damp jeans in an enclosed vehicle after an hour.....?

This was done for a challenge over at Paper Secrets. Thanks Fran Tynan for an awesome layout to lift!


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