Chunky Monkey

I love how obvious this icecream is about it's intent to turn you into what IT is.

So I did this layout for a challenge at my favorite scrap site LiitD. The challenge actually was to use
1 photo, check

2 chipboards, check

3 fonts, check

4 pieces of patterned paper, check


5 buttons, check.

Wait, what?! did you say 5 buttons?! I see 6!!!

Yeah, I wasn't happy with the final result even though it fit the criteria, so I added more stuff. Ribbon, the butterfly, another button, etc.

I don't usually go back and re-do and technically this isn't really a re-do,

but anyway

there you have it.

What else have I been doing.
Oh yeah! This one, about when we were all snowboard newbies. Done for another challenge at LiitD to "lift" this layout by Nic Howard.

And this one
for yet another challenge at LiitD, this time to do a layout incorporating something about luck, and including a rainbow somewhere. Well THAT was harder said than done! Searched my not meager stash of paper, stamps, embellishments of all kinds and came up with nothing!

I know! Crazy, right!?

So, I hadda make one! Well for the new owner of some FAB new COPICs, this was not a problem! Pretty simple design to draw and then color. Then I just layed a clear epoxy bubble over top and voila.

Bob's your uncle.

It always was a toss-up between coloring and recess as my favorite subject in Grade 1.


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