Getting back into the swing...

Got a list,

3 pages long,

of all the scrap challenges I aim to do this March.

Can't just say yet, what the success rate will be, but the intention factor is way high.

I think we're off to a good start though as there are already 2 challenges hi-lited out!

And yes, that paper has been doing some hard living! It suffered some severe strain (alliteration at it's finest!) when I made some OTHER lists while sitting by the pool where rambunctious boys played. Whatever, it's still perfectly functional!

But first I'll show you the other layout I completed from the sad and pathetic effort I put forth for last month's Love is in the Details Month of Love online crop. That's a mouthful.

It's a layout using photos that go back to Thanksgiving 2005! *blink*
The journaling says, "Don't be fooled,these are fierce sharp shooters. Hunters of the rare object of flight, the Skeet. Left unchecked, the skeet will fill up shelves of Canadian Tire stores across the nation, leaving no room for mosquito repellent and fly swatters. It may have taken several cases of shells to reduce the skeet to a manageable number, however environmentalists agree that it's a small price to pay in the ongoing war against the Clay Pigeon."
And the 2 pink lines on the March challenge list?? Coming soon....


  1. Ohhhhh ... Clay Pigeons ... a rare breed ... not! Loving your blog!


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