Latkes and help with the dishes....

I think brunch is my favorite meal to entertain plan, prep and EAT! So Saturday morning seemed a perfect opportunity to have some friends over. That included the in-laws, who thankfully too, are good friends!!

And somewhere along the way I was seized with the romantic notion that the potato pancakes I despised as a child would probably be really good to my now mature taste buds! And, Oh Joyous Day, I was right!!

Mr B did the actual cooking leaving me blissfully ignorant as to their caloric content based on how much fat they're fried in and so I could enjoy these little babies with only the slightest twinge of guilt. Slight twinges, I can live's the full on I-forgot-my-child's-birthday guilt trip that brings me to my knees.

Which happily hasn't happened yet!

Alongside that deliciousness was a sausage egg bake because of which, all other egg-bake recipes will forthwith be abandoned. AND! A orange cornbread cake, banana muffins, fruit, yogurt and granola. You wanted to know all that, right??

Best thing ever!? Unsolicited help to clean up!

I want Amy to be my girlfriend instead of Jeff's.

Pretty sure she already likes me better anyway.

So yeah, brunch was good even though I had a little trouble keeping it down later. Lawl.


  1. I have NEVER liked potato pancakes - my Dad's absolute favourite! Maybe, like you, I need to give it another try in my older wiser days! I'll let you know when I get around to it. Today, however, we have a wonderful home-made sauerkraut soup at the crop in Steinbach. Just LIKE my MOMMA's. Oh, memories bestill me. I went and asked how to make it - because she never taught me. I'm going to make it!


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