Spring Break...

You know the problem with doing nothing is you're never really sure when you're done....

One of Arizona's best-kept secrets and surprises has got to be Sunrise!

I think, just the fact that there's enough snow in a desert state to snowboard on, is a pretty good secret/surprise by itself!

But the combination of proximity to home, temperatures, quality of snow and size of ski hill....well my jaw was dragging on the ground the whole first day we spent there!

I mean, it's no BC or Colorado, but STILL!!

And it's an easy 4 hours from home!!

We didn't plan anything wild or vacationey for Spring Break (yes that's a word, go look it up), and everyone was cool with that, but Thursday we decided to take a day off from our week of

doing nothing

to head up there and spend the day snowboarding together!
Being Canadian,

this whole high-school prom thing is a bit new to us...

but I love how over-the-top creative high-school kids get about the asking part....So Chelsea? How 'bout it?

Had to take this pic just for all the depth and dimension it showed...
And check it out!

A loose bit of snow got too close to the edge and just rolled on down!

It's a snowman dude just missing his torso and head!
It really was a totally gorgeous day! LOVE not having to bundle up against the elements!
Like this guy.
He also loves not having to bundle up against the elements.
Even though he really would be doing humankind a favor if he did!
Next day though, I was paying the piper!

Can you imagine how Nearly Naked Ned was feeling?!
Want more snowboarding action? Jeff took the GoPro along and made this video of our day.

And just so you don't think it was all play and no play this last week....A layout done for a challenge at Love is in the Details, to use something old and something new.... Always happy to use up old stuff like the Basic Grey paper, the ribbon, rubons, and practically antique golf ball sticker! And then happy to oblige the command to pull out the new stuff like the American Crafts Thickers and Basic Grey mini alphas.


  1. You make me laugh ... I loved the lead-in to the covering up ... and the summation about the guy who thought much the same! Ohhhh, and I am so sorry to see your face like that! Silly girl.


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