Yaaaaayyyyyyy! I finally got to scrap a layout again!! It has been too long!!! And this photo has been patiently waiting on my scrap table for some special attention. What with the vintage subject matter and all the cute vintagey designed paper and product out there!

Several times it got completely blanketed with drifts and piles of unrelated debris. Folded laundry once even. Is that not the saddest use for a scrap table you ever heard of??? Also, new product. And not that I even needed any more schtuff! (Who does?!) But buying and then hoarding scrappy goodness is just something I NEED to soothe the raging beast within. The raging beast that wants to scrap but can't find/make the time just now? Y'know it? I thought you might.

But now it's done. And the routine of my siblings and I putting on our aprons....(oh go ahead and say it - they're BIBS!!!)....before each meal, and the orderly way it was (supposed) to happen is now documented for all time. The journaling reads (dear myopic reader) "The oldest helped the next-in-age, who helped the one younger than him, who helped the youngest, whose whole existance was justified by her extreme cute factor."

And check it out....Maya Road is doing a give-away this week. Just go here and leave your guess to have a chance to win that pile of *sheer* goodness!!! Mmhmm, easy as that!


  1. I love this layout ... if I didn't, I meant to, leave a comment on LIITD. Isn't it wonderful remember another time in your life and then scrappin it for posterity! And you did a fab job!


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