Even in the desert.....

You could see an inukshuk!
Went hiking the other day.
In the desert.

Couldn't actually get myself motivated enough to get out there at a more sensible (read: cooler) time of day like 8:00 am.

So I ended up there at noon.

Because if I didn't go at noon, I'd never go at all that day and that would be an opportunity wasted. Can't stand the thought of wasted opportunities.

And, obviously, I couldn't find anyone foolish enough to accompany me at that time of day.

So I went alone.

Sighted: 26 little geckos scurrying for cover, like I was the Ayatollah.

Numerous jet vapor trails vying with downy breezy white clouds for someone's attention.
The I'd-like-your-attention!-end of one Rattler skulking off into the undergrowth. Which I was quite happy to let him do.

Also, one recent snake trail. It wasn't there on the way in, but it was on the way out.
And ok, fine! Sometimes the desert IS pretty.

I'm think I'm going to go back next week. Go a lot earlier, pack a lunch and make several hours of it. Wanna come?


  1. Awesome photos ... not sure about the snakes though ... yuck! I was peaking at your APAD and laughed when I saw the one of the chairs and floor 'cause Gavin and I were at a motorcycle shop last weekend and took a photo of the black and white checkered floor ... and he was like 'whatever' ... doesn't get my photo sense ... anyway ... back to my laugh ... great minds in this photography world!


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