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This is the weekend of the big Miami Cruise Crop sponsored by Love is in the Details! Sounds like a fun old time huh?! No matter that it's Miami, Manitoba, a solidly land locked town in the rural countryside! No matter at all! Fun is being had there at this very moment!!!! Guaranteed!

However, I am not there; I am here. In the solidly landlocked State of Arizona. But fun can still be had at Love is in the Details where we're hosting a "Missed the Boat" online crop! Challenges, prizes, chatter, munchies (that part variesbyhousehold,nooneunder18mayapply. Wait, is that right?) But head on over and check it out....there's fun for the scrapper and for the NONscrapper too! And great prizes!

Here's my layout challenge - the Christmas Fruitcake Challenge (for which the randomly drawn prize is a $20 gc at the Liitd Store). Make a layout using traditional holiday colors but for a non traditional layout. And for a twist? Incorporate fruit. Somewhere. Here's a sample of what I mean.
THEN... there's the compound word game I've posted. Can you figure out what compound words these pictures represent?
For more like this check here.

And finally, I'm putting one more challenge out there! Become a follower (even though your mama told you not to) of this blog and I'll pick a name to win a little sumpin from me! Gonna make that deadline Sunday June 20 at midnight! This is for anyone who ventures over here - scrapper, non-scrapper alike. And leave a comment so I know who's lurking 'round these parts! Please? But only if you want to. Cuz I'm not bossy like that. Unless you're my sister.


  1. hello!!! i am lurking!!(oliebud)

  2. Hi "Norborys"...that's what I've dubbed you on my blogroll cuz I'm guilty of lurking on The Velvet Lemon! Hope all is well in Az...we're building boats in Mb! No, seriously!
    Lynda J

  3. Blueberry

    Missed you today :(

  4. Hi Norine! I'm lurking too! it's fun to read your blog, you've got a way with words!


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