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Mini workouts are back at ScrapFit! The idea is to use your scraps from one of the current workout challenges to make a card. Or many cards if you have a lot of scraps. Link it up at the ScrapFit blog and get a chance to win fame fortune and international acclaim! And a prize. And you can give yourself a Gold Star for doing your part to reduce/re-use/recycle while you're at it!!! What else are you going to do today that will get you a Gold Star??

I haven't done one yet, but I do have high hopes for the rest of the day!

Wanna see something?
Apparently it's not a good idea to read a book whilst floating in the water, or to then leave it out in the bald AZ sunshine.
And that's your Good To Know Tip For Today.


  1. whatever, the cool photos make it all worth it. you should really learn your lesson ones of these days though.


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