Absent bloggers are a total bore.

Not! that I'm any less boring when I'm around and blabbing about this thing or that. I get that. But I know what a drag it is to click on a blog page and see the same thing you saw a week ago. And the week before that....

So here's something to look at to distract you from your kids/boss/fellow-bus-riders/whatevers-making-you-need-to-surf-right-now.

It's a layout. I did it for an old challenge at Studio Calico to "scrap little photos". Every single one of these pics (and many more) of a paintball adventure were already printed in 4x6 and I had been struggling to try and fit as many as I could on a layout and still have some paper showing. Wasn't happening. So when my eyes lit on the little contact sheets of photos, I decided to try it this way. At least for now. I will still scrap the big photos but I won't feel the pressure to do them ALLLL. I need to give myself permission to ease up in life more often. Feels ok.

And if you've been scrapping for any length of time, you'll recognize some OLD stash on this page. That also feels good to use up!


  1. what a fun page!! love the little photos and the paint splotches! Hope you're having a blast in Europe, Norine!!

  2. This is really fun! I love all the mini photos & your paint splats. :)

  3. norine, i love this lo!!! the splats are perfect and i love the teeny pics too!!!

  4. oh i KNOW right?? like some people! ugh.


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