Mini challenge time!

I totally love these mini challenges at ScrapFIT! It always feels so good to "use up" a bit more of the mess that's left after completing a layout!

This time the challenge was to make a bookmark. Anyone who knows me, knows I love to read. And anyone who loves to read needs another bookmark!

I used the some of the scraps left from the layout previously posted.

If you have done Workout # 28 or plan to do Workout #29 at ScrapFIT and linked them up, then you can do this mini workout too and then see if the skies don't shower you with all kinds of wonderful things. Such as rainbows and apple fritters!

Actually I think the sponsor is The Paper Trunk but since I pre-posted this blog back when I was still in the USofA and didn't know that for sure, I can't be absitively posolutely sure! But they will know for sure over at ScrapFIT. Guaranteed.


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