The Monster Mash!

It's October 1st boys and girls! Do you know what that means??

It means that Walmart has had their hallowe'en candy out for over a MONTH already and kids have been taking it to school in their lunch bags all this time.

When did that become ok I'd like to know?! Eating hallowe'en candy early!

Next thing we'll be seeing restaurants serving dessert before the entree.

Actually that's not a bad idea.

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!

No really, what Oct 1st means is a new Workout up at ScrapFIT! This challenge is to make a card, layout or altered art, using a Hallowe'en Song Title, and incorporating some ribbons and buttons. Because that's what Hallowe'en is all about right? Ribbons and buttons! (I was glad Kelly didn't ask us to use candy on our layouts because I've eaten all ours and I need to go to Walmart again.

Here's mine:

If you want to do this challenge and win a life time supply of little chocolate bars and suckers, just link it up at ScrapFIT and let the random generator do the rest.

K, don't listen to me. The prize isn't candy.

It's better! Goodies from The Little Black Dress Kit Club and if I had a link, I'd attach it here. I don't but I know who does! ScrapFIT!!

But I DO have a fun link here for a list of hallowe'en songs to jumpstart your scrappy mojo!


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