Hippity Hop Blog Hop. Also mini workouts and supper.

Mark your calendars! It's coming soon! November 12-14 to be exact!
And both ScrapFIT and Crop Suey are involved!!

So make sure to check back here then! I'll even make it worth your while.... (insert winking icon here.)

And today, over at ScrapFIT its the mini workout.

Mini workouts are where you make something out of scraps from one of the main workouts. In this case, #30 and #31.

So I made these fall leaves.
Used the same rub-ons on the leftover paper scraps.

And then jazzed it up with needle and thread.

And ink.

For the edges.

Why do I feel like I'm talkin' like Bob and Doug McKenzie, eh?
So yeah.
But wait, don't take off yet.

Over at Crop Suey, supper's cooking! F'realz! It smells so good I can hardly wait till supper time. Chicken, Curry and Broccoli. Check it out too!

And because no post should go photo-less, here's some pics from the recent air trip I took with Mr B.

He's piloting again.

So we went up to Canada eh? To visit the rellies.

Doing the run-up.
See? Grand Canyon ain't such a big deal from 10,000 ft.
I discovered FBO's. Fixed Base Operations. Where you can take a break while refueling, call the weather office, empty yourself of the coffee you shouldn't have drunk so liberally before that last flight. You know. THIS one in Cedar City, Utah? The nicest I've seen anywhere!Here's our plane.Ha ha. No it isn't. This is.Look at us! How cute are we?!I do Sudoku to avoid having to assume from the dials and gauges, that a crash is imminent. It works! We didn't crash once! (We wear oxygen at 12,000 ft. We go to 12,000 ft because that's where the ride is smooth.)There it is! The Canada/US border! It's not as well defined from the air.Don't you just love some prairie landscape?Mr B is a pro at this part!Here he is! Le pilote extraordinaire!!

Phew. Done for the day. I can drink all the coffee I want now.


  1. lol. ya... nice plane eh?

    i love that youre completely hiding that fact that throughout the entire trip you stayed comepletely still like a statue for fear that the slightest movement would distract the pilot and make him drop his pen into the cigarette outlet causing the plane to explode... do planes have cigarette outlets?

    oh and sweet pic of the canyon, yo. we never saw any of those at uncle and auntie's.

    i think im going to start calling all our rellies uncle and aunty. its so quaint.

  2. There's no way you'd get me in a plane where oxygen is required, eh? (and um, yeah, I do actually say 'eh' a lot. :P )

    Those leaves are pretty cool!

  3. those are great shots, Norine! what an adventure!


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