Get your running shoes on....

It's workout time at ScrapFit!! This month the challenge is to get inspired by the vintage ad for Slinky.

Remember Slinkies??

Mr B especially loves them, even still. Last year when we were invited to dinner at some friends, he took their three kids a gift bag which included slinkies. Trouble was, they live in a bungalow. Only one step in the whole house, from the front door down into the rest of the house. Yeah.

Anyway, here's the ad:
And here's my layout. I liked the cone shape and the pieces that made up that shape, so that's what I took for inspiration:
And there's going to be a Fitabulous prize from Tidbitz in Time that you could get for doing this challenge and linking it up back at ScrapFit before Dec 15!
And we're saying goodbye to head coach Kelly! This is her last month as head coach, but never fear, there's a new leader all lined up and ready for kick off!! Sara Zenger will be carrying on with the fun starting in January! Welcome and Hoo-ah Sara! And thanks for all the fun Kelly!!


  1. That lo is so rockin' cool!! Love your take on the inspiration! Also love your blog -- see here -

  2. I love your layout! It is so unique and cool! Thanks for sharing!


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