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Oh wait no! A new month means all kindsa new fun! Workout #31 is up at ScrapFIT! This is a fun one! It's all about SHAPE! Triangles, hexagons, pentagons.

Wait, aren't pentagons where guys in dark suits and glasses hang out? Ok, well scrap your photos of your last trip to the Pentagon! Do it!

And? Just to make it a little more fun, use fall colors! When you're done, link up your layout at ScrapFIT for a chance to win some amazing stuff from our November sponsor the Snobby Walrus!

I didn't do my Pentagon trip, but I did do a LO about our bee trouble.

It all started back in May...this would be when you start spinning and falling backwards as if in a dream....when the Monk's Pepper trees in our yard came into bloom. Very pretty purple spears of bloom too, but that's not the point.

Also attracted to the pretty purple blooms were bees. Of course.

But a LOT of bees this year.

To the point where the mail lady refused to deliver mail until the bee problem went away on the grounds that government employees are not required to work in unsafe or threatening conditions.

And I was all like phhhtt, sure, we'll all wait for the mail until the blooms go to pepper corns. Go ahead, take your time.

But just to be sure, when the pest control guy came, I asked him to check and he couldn't find anything.

Just blooms and bees.

Like science dictates.

Then the HOA called. B'cause folks weren't getting their mail. Finally, she was persuaded to deliver the bills again (yaayy) and life went on.

As life will do.

Fast forward to the beginning of October and the leaves on the tree are thinning and for the first time we spot a MASSIVE bee hive. And by massive I mean quite big. Calls to exterminators yielded answers costing between $150 and $500. Not even lying.

We opted for the cheapie route which even included removal of the host branch and everyone lived happily ever after.
Well except for that I owe the mail lady an apology for rolling my eyes and not taking her seriously.

This is it.

And the fun isn't finished! Today's the official launch date for Crop Suey! Crop Suey is under new management and it's looking like a fine old time is going to be had! The first challenge will debut on Friday, Nov 5th, but in the meantime check out the droolworthy prizes offered by our November Sponsor - May Arts!!

And that's only just a little bit of it!

Also, don't forget the upcoming Hippity Hop Blog Hop Nov 12-14. Check back here for more details. I'm putting a prize together to make it worth your while!


  1. Wow! Look at that honeycomb!! We had a huge hive in our eves a while ago and I could not believe how expensive it was to have somebody come out. I love your layout, the honeycomb cutting of your paper is perfect!

  2. WOWOWOW! I can't wait to show this to Sarah. I can't believe this was in your YARD!


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