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First off, it was American Thanksgiving last week.

We missed Canadian thanksgiving having just barely arrived home after gallivanting about Europe! So we were determined to do it properly for turkey day in November!

Some of the importantest members of our family were not able to be here until Friday so we actually had one more day of drooling anticipation.

And preparation.

That's no small thing. An extra day for prep.

It started with mountains of potatoes peeled.
And one or two sculpted. Just because he could.

The table got set nice and early. Not sparing attention to any detail.Including the name place markers. Little cardboard boxes from Hobby Lobby with 2 truffles inside. Had to send Mr B all the way to Canada to bring back that fabulous chocolate!

And cut and stitched felt leaves tied on top. As you can very well see.And speaking of fabulousness....we were, weren't we? Costco never fails to come through for me! Check out the gawjus flower arrangement, all custom looking! Well I did add some feathers for kicks. So it sort of actually IS custom. Happiness is....the whole a few around the table. Enjoying being together, good food, good times, never forgetting how very lucky we all are.

A new challenge is coming up tomorrow at ScrapFit. And an announcement as well!!

But before you go! Check THIS out! How cute is that!! The possibilities are truly mind-boggling!!


  1. Beautiful Norine!!! Love all the elegant touches!

  2. your table setting is just beautiful, so full of pretty details!! :)

  3. Oh Norine, your Thanksgiving table is beautiful - details - love them. ;)
    Your little truffle boxes - just perfect.
    You ROCK!


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