I'm hungry!

And misery loves company so I'ma make you hungry too!
Pretty sure one of the main reasons I love to travel is the food. The eating of it, the photographing of it, the trying of new foods.
Not always a success, but more often than not. So that's good.
We stayed in a lovely little B&B in Belgium where the Mr served us breakfast while the Mrs slept.
And made no apologies for it either!!!
Why can't I be like that???
The language barrier was umm....well, interesting. But after the first morning's confusion between that kind of butter that we North Americans use to make our PBJ sammiches, with a part of the male anatomy.......nothing could faze us anymore!
I thought this was kinda cool! I was on dessert duty at one of the places we visited but the challenge was not in making a dessert in a foreign country as much as it was to decipher the labels in French or Dutch in the grocery store. So I was a couple minutes finding the Eagle Brand Condensed Milk!
Doesn't look like it, but that's exactly what this was!
I love how they market it as a sport energy source!
And package it in a toothpaste container.And of course there were the bakeries. Ohhh the bakeries.
The baguettes, the croissants, the pain chocolat!!!
The fact that while we were in France and Belgium we were NEVER further than a 5 min walk from one! EVER.
Ok, well hardly ever.And then there was this....this....Toblerone-obscenity of calories!! But after tramping the market for 8 solid hours shopping for boots, I think the calorie scale was balanced!
And we shared it, Mr B and I did.
While seated on the Rodeo Drive of Germany, watching the immaculately dressed and coiffed passers-by.

Love how the tables and chairs are set up to be so discreet!

Totally the street to see and be seen! This was a new one on us! Raclette! Named for the type of cheese used.

It's a toss up, whether it was Swiss or French shepherds who originally began the tradition of melting a block of cheese and letting it run over their potatoes and calling it supper!

Whatever. Combined with mushrooms, proscuitto, baguette (torn, not cut) and a fresh salad, it could quickly become our new fondue. Same slow, social type of meal!

So, you place your own personal little mushroom-cooker and cheese-melter underneath the grill and let the magic happen.

(I bet those shepherds back in 1200AD would have loved these little teflon cheese pots.)

5 mins later you drip it over your potato and if you're sitting on a bar stool, you can swing your feet with happiness and contentment!!

Mmmm, I liked this a latte! Sorry, lol, couldn't resist....
Even picnics at the side of the road, at a closed outdoor cafe, where construction is going on, in France, is better than.....um....than, the same thing at home.
Moules et Frites!! (Mussels and fries.) This was WAY on top of my list of must-try Belgian specialties and it did NOT disappoint!

I ordered mine with Rocquefort cheese on top and the steam from the mussels melts the cheese and it drips down into the broth and when you're done with the mussels, you can use a shell to spoon up the flavorful broth!

Oh my, how I'd like to be eating moules et frites right now!!

Oh, and yeah, this isn't *everybody's* finished shells....that's ONE serving!!This was the meal that tasted the best during the whole month we were traveling. Just because it came at, probably my hungriest point along the way.

It reminds me of art

and galleries

and delicate fantastical indoor fairy webs

and sore feet

and rain

and umbrellas

and wondrously tasty tastes.

Love the little sprinkle of pepper over on the side. So much classier than the little paper packets don't you think?

Lol, in North America, it's "I'm Lovin' it". In France "C'est tous que j'aime" (It's all I love) and in Germany, "Ich Leibe es." Schweinehaxe and saurkraut.

Sorry, no way to translate that. Just roasted chunk of pork on the joint.

Think Asterix and Obelix. And what would Belgium be without an honest-to-goodness Belgian waffle!

It could have been the worst waffle in history and it would have been perfect.

Because it was in Belgium!!

But don't worry, it was really good.

Did you know that you could eat a different cheese every day for a year in France and still have some you hadn't yet tried!?

I would like to do that.So, did it work? Are you hungry yet? What are you gonna make yourself to eat? Alls I have here is some cold pizza. sigh....

Sorry, something very wonky is going on with the spacing on this post and I'd better just quit worrying about it before I pull out the little bit of hair I have left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well, what a wonderful whirlwind tour of "food"! And lots of yummy stuff to get the appetite wetted.

  2. thanks, i was TRYING to go the rest of the night without eating anything.

  3. Yes, I am going to go have some cheese now. Not kidding, I am. Jalepeno Jack, to be exact.


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