Kicking it old school!

So, I don't know if any of you, my gentle readers, are old enough to actually remember this stuff, but my Dad used to plaster it on anything that didn't move. He thought it gave everything a touch of class or something!

And since nothing is new under the sun, and what goes round comes around, and what goes up must come down, and a stitch in time saves's time to renew the possibilities of MACTAC! (That's what it was called back in the day, but what I found at Home Depot was called ConTact.)

For you youngsters who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's basically shelf paper. You peel a sticky backing off and it sticks to most anything. And then you can peel it off and restick it again. It's kind of magic like that.

The first thing I started doing with it was cutting stuff with my Cricut. Shapes and shapes and then some more shapes. And using them on scrapbook pages. Remember these?

And more recently, this one....?I used some shapes on a couple of cards.....Then I covered a composition notebook....I think this is going to make a fab gift to my sister-in-law who gardens. She can use it to keep track of how many barrow-fulls of sheep manure she used on the rutabagas this year. Riveting stuff like that.And then I began to cast my eye around (in much the same way my dad must have done) to see what else I could stick this stuff on...

At first I thought...mmmm, covering a kleenex box with woodgrain shelf paper....that might be veering a little too close to the edge of hokey....

but y'know what??? I kinda think it works!?!?

And then I thought, for the purposes of being totally tongue in cheek, and so y'alls don't think all my taste is in my mouth....I looked for something completely silly to cover in MacTac.

I thought, how funny would it be to cover a cat in woodgrain shelf paper!!! Lucky for catkind, I don't have one.

But then I thought, how about silverware!!!

But DANG! if that didn't turn out cute also!? So I dunno, I think I've come to the same conclusion my dad did. Pretty much ANYthing can be improved with MacTac!


  1. that is rawkin kewl..using mactac on your los! i haven't used that nor seen it in a long time ~ how creative! i wuv your "tales from the garden" book..beautiful!


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