A sort-of tradition...

Our mid-month workout challenge is up at ScrapFit today and I think you'll like it!

WO#34 is about traditions, surprises or favorite family memories from this time of the year! And besides the pictures, you need to tell the story with journaling.

What is it about journaling??

For some people it's their least favorite part of the process; for others, that's where it all begins - with a story that needs telling.

I have a love/hate relationship with journaling.

Sometimes I love it.

Sometimes I hate it.

Oh wait. I think that's what love/hate means...

These pics came from the 1993 file drawer!

This was the most amazing of all the gingerbread houses we'd ever built! Two shades of cookie dough and everything!

We started, Mr B and I, when we were first married - no kids to even pretend that's who we were doing it for...

For a guy who "specializes" in building amazing woodland models constructed from any available materials to be found in a campground, and a girl whose motto in life is "anything worth doing is worth over-doing!" this particular gingerbread house was us just reaching our stride.

And woe betide any small children who wanted to "help".

Kidding! It was FOR the small children.


Except not really.

It was probably about this time when they discovered that pointy elbows make really lethal weapons and if possible, should be avoided.

No, I'm kidding!!!

Sort of.

But you'll be happy to know that we've grown up, Mr B and I have, and we've learned to share the fun of this family tradition beyond the actual eating.

With the kids who are majoring in engineering and design at least....


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