You should know this about me...

Apparently I am a fairly dangerous person! I was found out at the airport a week ago, on my return trip from Canada! Not the best place to let your secret life get exposed!!

What happened was this...

I DID think about smuggling three of these adorable miniature Mandarin oranges home in my bag to show the kids!

See kids?! Teeny tiny audio apparati isn't the only thing science excels at!!

But then I chickened out and decided to eat them myself before having my bags searched and getting caught!!

So y'know that funny glossy-ish coating you sometimes see on oranges?

If you don't wash your hands after eating them and then you go through security and they decide to swab your hands, don't be surprised when it registers as EXPLOSIVES!!!

Uh huh!

At least that's how I explained it.

And after a thorough search of my personal belongings they decided to buy it.


And now a couple of recent layouts.

Both using kraft cardstock! This one was for a Studio Calico challenge to use a whole sheet of stickers as well as, for a Love is in the Details challenge to use a bunch of old stash.

Which I did. Brads, book plates (reMEMber those things?!) and rub-on alphas!

And this one was the result of an idea I had to layer some alphas down, rub on a WHOLE bunch of misc. rub-on words over top and then remove the stickers for a not-so-easy-as-it-sounds masking effect.

You can actually do the same thing in Microsoft word but this seemed funner somehow.


  1. Yikes - with the airport. Glad you got moved along! Oh, and aren't those layouts something! I'm impressed - very clever. Very clever and stunning.


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