I know!

I'd never heard of them before this summer either. My son worked for a graphic design studio in Winnipeg this summer and near the office where he played around on his computer worked, was a new bakery called Cake-ology. Where they sold Cake Balls. Or Cakettes as they call them. Bakerella calls them cakeballs. And since then I've heard about nothing but cakeballs.

Still, what I heard didn't make me feel like my life would come to a grinding halt if I didn't get one NOW!

Recently I tasted one. And choirs of angels sang to me. And then I understood.

And I came home and began to make cakeballs. And eat cakeballs. There is never a moment when a cakeball is not a good option.

There was some trial and error. Thankfully Mr B is the one with the mixing muscles. But really, they're very simple. Make a cake. Crumble the cake and mix it with whatever kind of icing would go best with the flavor of cake. Roll into balls and freeze. Dip in melted chocolate, adorn the tops and chill. I like to chill with an assortment of flavors. On my patio. In the sun. With a cup of coffee and a trashy novel. Cakeballs elevate trashy novels to classical literature.

Double boilers really are the best way to melt chocolate for coating cakeballs. (This is SERIOUS business.)

Sometimes their imperfections are exactly part of their charm. These ones are were Eggnog.

Lemon with sugar crystals.

German Chocolate with toffee chunks.

We've also made Carrot Spice cakeballs and Chocolate covered strawberry cakeballs. Peppermint chip, peanut butter this-here, and Coconut something or other can't be far behind! So when I picked up my daughter from the airport recently, she had a new iphone ap to show me. It turns your voice into a cartoon voice. This is me telling her what we had scheduled for immediate fun.


  1. holy geez louise. cake balls. I just baked a cake this morning!!! it's the hub's b'day cake I can't make it into cake balls. I will definitely try these though. you make them look soooooo good!! :)

  2. Norine I love how your cakeballs look and how you have them displayed...that tiered dish is gorgeous! Oh and your cartoon voice...loved it! Lol


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