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The January challenge is up at Crop Suey today and we used this vintage ad as our jumping off point.I thought about it and thought about it, had a glass of DDP (diet dr pepper) (always good for focusing your mind when you need to get creative) and thought about it some more and then slapped my forehead at how obvious it was!

The slogan!

And so I went looking for the particular photo album, circa 1992, that I knew would contain these photos and sure enough! There we were! In all our fresh-out-of-our-teens glory!! We were so young! Well, heck. We still are! And look at those sweet SWEET little faces!!!

Nobody needed bail money back then.


You should know that by now.

And those cute little journal tags? Pretty Little Studio sent us some stuff to play with awhile back. Ohmygoodnesssuchcutestuff!!!! Check 'em out!

So yeah, you should try this challenge on! Show us what you come up with and post a link in the comments here and you could win yourself some of this from our January sponsor Cosmo Cricket:


  1. So cute! I love that the title is what inspired you. Great minds think alike.

  2. Love how you placed your title across the labels! Fab design!!! Sweet photos! p.s. you totally crack me up w/the "bail $" comment. It's not funny when it happens though. HA!!!

  3. Girl you rocked this!! I love your design!

  4. Great layout, I love your tree!!

  5. i love your layout :) so clean!!! xxx


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