Do you know....

That old song from like, the 70's....? From a movie called Mahogany which I've never seen but I do remember it's theme song....Diana Ross sang it....remember? Oh nevermind, you probably weren't even born yet!
This photo of my daughter was taken last summer in Kenora while we were At The Lake. There were quite a few that came from this photo sesh and I've loved playing with them! The journaling is just the lyrics from the aforementioned song, Do You Know and the design sprang from this sketch from PencilLines.


  1. Stunning Norine! LOVE the colors and the swirls!!!

  2. I really love "the feel" of this lo! Beautiful photo - and the corrugated shapes are too fun. Love your swirls at the bottom too!

  3. Yep - I know the song. Love it. Love the movie. That's a nice touch to this photo ... Mommy messaging included! Very clever.

  4. Love this Norine. Loving the colors.


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