Happy Birthday Dr Suess!!

It's Arizona, so I don't think the in-like-a-lion weather measurement actually applies here. It's mostly always fairly lamb-like here, but we can still get excited about the prospect of spring!! And there's fun stuff springing up all over the place!! Check out Sisterhood of Scrap where we're starting off the month with some March Madness!! Fun games and challenges galore!!

Here are two challenges I'm issuing over there.

It's Dr Suess's birthday today and if he were still alive you can be sure he'd be starting his day with a blast from the Birthday Honk-Honker from up on Mt Zorn who'd be wishing him Happy Birthday with his big Birthday Horn!

But we can still party like we live in the Birthday Pal-alace over in Katroo! Just make a layout and use some Dr Suessism for your title or journaling! See? It's as easy as this!

This next challenge is to mark Harry Houdini's birthday!! By using some hidden journaling! Tell me you didn't see that coming from a mile away...!

Here's my sample layout for that.
I tried to capture on the layout what I expressed in the letter to my daughter inside the envelope, about how hard it was to say goodbye when she left (at the tender age of 19) to travel to Australia to live and work for a year! How even though we were saying all the right encouraging things we just really wanted to keep her safe at home!


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