to a forum near you!!

Well, ok. Not a forum. But a challenge site!

And because no post should go photo-less.... that would almost feel like showing up for your Gr 10 physics exam having forgotten your locker combination, that you even HAD an exam and wearing pjs. Or only underwear. And yes I know kids today do that all the time, but in my day we DIDN'T!! That would have been just too horrifying for words. Kind of like a photo-less post.

And no, I don't think there's any evidence of a sickness in this photo....

Some people collect, I dunno, little teeny spoons with touristic emblems on them. I collect deco tape. MT Washi tape to be specific.

YUM huh???

Photo post of a jaunt in Florida soon to follow...


  1. Oh my goodness Norine.....that is some yumminess right there!

  2. Where do you buy that yumminess?


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