So. My computer calved. Seriously.

The tech was called in and when he opened it up, a small, wet, hoofed creature came out. No wonder it hadn't been working so well.

I've decided to name her Daisy. Original, I know.

But the point is I've had to shop for, and buy a new computer. Which is a task I am not overly fond of. I think I'd rather hot wax my whole body every day for a month. I'm not overly fond of it that much!

Well, the new iMac sits in it's freshly tidied spot on my scrap table, and in the spirit of tidying things to get ready for it, I've extended the tidying to other areas of the room. You might suggest that it's just procrastinating the several deadlines I'm faced with. And, you'd be absolutely right. But the side benefit of that is that I have several things to show you that have till now, been buried under other things.

Here's one of my daughter and her bff. Who lives on the other side of the world in the complete opposite time zone from us. It's very sad. For us. She seems happy enough there though with her lovely hubs and cute-iful baby boy. But we're very lonely for her so we comfort ourselves with making layouts about the two of them from when they were together.

More tomorrow. I must go fetch some warm milk for Daisy.


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