A perfect day....

Last fall our family was invited to the wedding of the daughter of some friends of ours. They are mother and daughter photographers and they hired my daughter to photograph the wedding, with myself as a 2nd shooter. So it was kinda nervewracking. If. You. Know. What. I Mean.

However Katie knows what she likes and excels at taking care of those little details. So many of them! You could watch the day unfold effortlessly without really appreciating the effort, planning and work behind them. But it made our job very easy! So often we caught our breath at the prettiness of something and there it was...another gorgeous photo op!

Here's a layout of some of the behind-the-scenes shots. The ones that never make it to the coffee table album but that have a story to tell, just the same! Mostly all My Little Shoebox product used.
And just for some photo fun...a few more of my faves from the day....
It's always good to have someone around for comic relief...
There she is! The real photog at work!
This here's my son and his girlfriend Amy. It was Amy's sister whose wedding we were all dressed up for!
The bride and her sister. Aren't they beautiful? Not hard to shoot good photos of these two!
The bride and groom!


  1. That ring shot on the suitcase should have gone on my blog.. musta missed it.
    cool...i look kinda professional!


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