Blog? What blog?

So between creating for CHA and packing up to spend the rest of the summer in Canada, I kinda forgot I had a blog. Happens, right?

Well it all got done. Thankfully. Projects got made. States were driven through to reach the little orange cottage by the lake. Three days of lolling about on the dock (not actually but the details of opening the cottage for the summer are boring) before getting on a plane for CHicAgo. All done.

And I wish I could tell you all the impressions I've had and all the fun, exciting new things I've seen, and the cool, smart, stylin', talented people I've met!! And show you some pics...well, that will come, but in the meantime I can show you some peaks of the projects made with 2 of the new lines My Little Shoebox is revealing at CHA! I got to work with Destinations - all travel, all cute bright colors, and Enchanted Garden - too much gorgeous to believe!

A laminated travel activity book...with dry erase marker.

a layout from the Destinations line.

Some of the die-cut rolly flowers that come with each collection!

and some more....

And finally, a couple photos of the apron I made to wear at the MLS booth. It's made with Enchanted Garden paper transferred onto Ranger Sticky-back Canvas, and die-cut into butterflies and rolly flowers. Misting with Mr Huey and Maya Mist. I'll try and get a photo of myself wearing the apron so you can see it IRL!

I wish I could truly convey how exciting and fabulous this whole CHA experience has been! If you've ever been I don't need to...I know you get it! If you haven't, I hope someday you get to go! Thank you to Helen and My Little Shoebox for the opportunity!!!! Mwah!


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