Oats, peas, beans and barley grow....

I love a good farmer's market. Pretty sure it goes back to my years of being a vendor at them. Loading the truck the night before and setting up in the dark and cold, early Saturday morning. Like 4:00 early. At least that's what it felt like. A nice thermos of coffee, seeing favorite customers coming in as soon as the dawn broke, pretty soon the cacophony of sounds and smells had you fully awake and it's just a good place to be!

I didn't have vegies to sell, nor baked goods or bunches of flowers.... Well, wait, yes I did, just not fresh flowers. More like dried floral wreathes and primitive folk art. But anyway, that was a long time ago, and now, I just like to be a shopper with my re-usable-eco-friendly-'cause-I'm-all-current-like-that, shopping bags at the farmer's market. And photographer.

So I went to one recently.... picked out some yellow beans, some bright orange carrots with just the tiniest bit of dirt still on them, some beets, cucumbers, new potatoes, but no tomatoes.

Not that day.

Maybe next time.

I also got some garden peas. As opposed to grocery store or frozen peas. I know they're all garden vegies, but garden just has to be part of the peas' name.

Then I got one of the men-children who live with me, to shell them. Just so's he could incorporate "shell peas" into his personal vocabulary and life experience.

A little while later, after some in and out, a bit of banging at the back, he brings me this. Like a cat with a mouse in her mouth.

He says he always wanted to know what this looked like.
2 Peas in a Bucket. Which any scrapper worth their salt, knows is a wonderful scrap-site with an inspirational gallery and design team, shopping and message boards that can provide the answers to any scrap question you might ever have. Not to mention interesting unrelated chitchat.

But how would HE know???

Apparently I have mentioned this once or twice.

Also, apparently, some of what I say is actually heard!?

Who knew.

I think I shall keep this lad.

And now, before you go, you should head on over to the My Little Shoebox blog and check out the Trick or Treat blog hop! I didn't play this time round, but I'm pretty sure you'll see some CUTE stuff. Pretty sure!


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