Gonna be BUSY!!

And that's a good thing!!

Thankfully it's not the sort of busy that requires putting on pantihose and looking for files and briefcases before rushing out the door to work. Nor the kind that requires last minute cupcakes for a bake sale or needing to have multiple children at different soccer pitches across town from each other at the same time. So been there and done it! Nope, this is MY kind of busy! Its about getting accepted to THREE new design teams!!! After sending out apps hoping to get on ONE!

So without further ado...!

All About Me is challenge blog that helps us put some of the focus on the person who's generally behind the camera and doesn't often get much play in the photo albums. You all know I find that kind of scrapping hard, so when I found this challenge blog and saw the kinds of challenges Melissa does, it made it so easy to do! I'm really looking forward to stretching myself for this DT and thankful for the inspiration this blog will give me to do it!! Come on over and get inspired yourself!

Next up is Polkadoodles! Cute name or what, eh? This is a FUN challenge blog for card makers and stampers!! Everyone knows I'm a die hard stamper, right? I mean, there's that whole closet full of stamps... MUST mean I do a lot of it! And all those Copic markers??? Well, er...I am now!! I'm joining a pretty big team of fantastically talented stampers and I am going to have me some FUN! And alleviate some of the guilt from not stamping more while I'm at it. Come over and check us out!

And last but most definitely NOT least is a challenge blog that's close to my heart! Scrap Your Crap. I have enough of that to open a store. I just filled 2 huge boxes with paper and foam stamps and stickers and alphabets and more stuff that will be going to the local Community Center for their women's and children's programs, and that feels good but my WORD there's still too much in here!! So this DT is going to help me move some of it on OUT! I can't wait to get started!! I bet you could use a challenge to use some of your stash too, so come over and get inspired!!


  1. Woohoo Norine, welcome to the team girl, we can't wait to see all your lovely creations! check u out, Miss POPULAR!! xxx :D

  2. Looking forward to get you to scrap your crap. LOL
    Welcome aboard


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