Some halloween hijinks!

Well not really, just halloween layouts, but I like the word hijinks and I think it gets short shrift in literary life! So I like to use it whenever I can.

These layouts are up at the My Little Shoebox blog featuring the Trick or Treat line today too, so I thought I'd also show you some details.

First up is this layout of my BIL and SIL a couple of years ago (ok more than a couple, but who's counting.) at a Halloween party. Mirror images. Get it? I know, lol. I left the roll up flower die cuts flat for this layout 'cuz I like that look too!

And then there's the year we went all out carving pumpkins!

It might have had something to do with a certain visitor from Australia we were collectively trying to impress....

or it might just have been a new set of carving tools that got us all amped up.


Maybe my philosophy that "anything worth doing is worth over-doing" is infecting the people I live with too...!? I wish this infection would also work with the philosophy that kitchens look nicer when the dirty dishes are in the dishwasher and the cupboard doors are all shut!

That only seems irrelevant to anything if you have not looked at my kitchen today.

Sigh, but anyway, lets look at this layout! I did a fun thing with it. See all those spider web lines?
I drew over them with a glue pen and then sprinkled black embossing powder around like some kind of demented Tinker Bell and heated things up with a heat tool! Voila! I thought it looked kinda great!

And on the subject of kinda great, there's those fun roll up flowers again. Not much they don't improve!!
Thanks for stopping by, you gorgeous things!!


  1. Love the top arrangement. Great color combo and design.

  2. Excellent layouts. Love the spiders webs. Welcome to the PD team. Looking forward to seeing all your projects

  3. Two excellent layouts and a great idea to leave the die-cut flowers flat, they look interesting left like that. Elizabeth x


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