Emptying the To-Show-You box....

Gonna have it emptied out pretty soon!! I have a couple more today to show you....ones I did this last summer when I was at the lake. Remember the lake? *eyes closing* Ahhhhh, me too....

Anyway. Lets stay on task here. I have lots to do and so do you, right?

This one is of my nephew on the rope swing at the cottage. A fairly common sight. I incorporated the corrugated sprout on the bottom to signify how quickly he's growing and what a great kid he's growing into! Love those cork stars!!

And here's my nephew on the other side of the family! Little curly haired waif. The photo is a couple of years old, but the sentiment is still current. Wish I could stop time every day!! (Had to include some Mr Huey action too!)

This one was done last summer but it's about last summer!! I tried to go for a totally free and easy feel, but it's still impossible to capture quite how wonderfully free and easy this summer was!! Not sure it can ever be duplicated... And there are enough photos to fill another 2 calendar pages like this, but these are just a sampling.

Thanks for stopping by in the middle of your hectic holiday prep and countdown! I wish you and your families a SAFE and HAPPY Holiday Season, free from any kind of worry and stress!


  1. No surprise that these layouts are awesome...LOVE the calendar one!!

  2. was that a piece of my pie on this layout.? it was a nice summer wasn't it. i also love your gc box on LIITD blog. wanted to tell you that, i won't comment there.


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