Two for the price of one!

Still tidying....still procrastinating... :-D

Today I have some 2 pagers to show you. That's all I ever used to do when it was all about getting the events documented. Now I've given myself the freedom to play and that means sometimes starting with paper or embellishments and finding photos to go with them, instead of the other way around, and choosing photos from any year I like!

But then I do a 2-pager again and I remember how much I still love to work on the expanded canvas that 2 sheets of 12x12 paper provide! You can use big photos...any excessive number of embellishments you like....or just showcase a LOT of photos at once. We've got something of each today!

Here's one I had to do for a challenge to scrap photos of myself. And as if that weren't hard enough I had to use photos of myself wearing RED! Not even kidding!! And 4 different pieces of patterned paper, a 4 word title and 4 strips of journaling. In the end it was a fun way to be pushed around, lol!

This one was done for a sketch that had to be mirrored. It's a layout focusing on Mr B and his realization of a long held dream of owning and flying a plane.

Oh look! Another layout about Mr B! This one was for another challenge. This one, to use 10 groups of 10 things. Ten letters in the title. Ten photos, 10 arrows, 10 numbers, 10 buttons, 10 (different) pieces of patterned paper, 10 words in the sub-title, 10 word/phrase stickers, 10 journal strips and one more thing that I've forgotten...!? Anyway, it's the story of Mr B felling a tree at the cottage this summer and the steps he took to do it right. He can be very methodical when he wants to be.

Aww? Me and Mr B! Another challenge! This one to use one b&w 8x10 photo that straddles 2 pages, has journaling written on it and used embellishments to replace words. Yup, that took some doing!

The journaling says: "I (heart) this sport so much! It's one I was sort of coerced into trying and believe me when I say it was no (piece of cake) to learn or master. But I struggled through and I'm so glad I did. I'm no (star) on the slopes even yet, but now the old sport of skiing doesn't hold a (candle) to the thrill of (snow)boarding. Even better, I love that it's something we do together as a couple and as a family."

That's it for today! But stop by again, there's more! Coming soon to a....yeah, you know.


  1. I stopped by today and went to this post, I had noticed it before, but didn't have time to read. Norine, I LOVE your double layouts, totally inspiring and your creativity never ceases to amaze me. These were so much fun to look at and read.


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